Sunday 12 June 2016

WIP: Former Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Nestorian

I've almost finished converting Nestorian for the projct I'm working on with Bigbossredskullz!
The only thing left to do is make a smoother transition between the bionics and the bio-gun. But some cables and green-stuff flesh will fix this in no time. And then he'll be ready for paint!

Usually I like black and white pictures of WIPs better, but this picture really shows the base, which I think is cool. The base was done by applying a layer of GW crackle-paint over an already wet layer of glue and sand. I think the cracks look a lot better like this than applied directly on a flat surface.  

The retinue so far. I think I'll add a couple more models. I need a close combat specialist. Maybe base it on a Genestealer Aberant?

Group picture of all the Nestorian Infestation models ready for paint!


  1. Loving watching the development of these

  2. This is really looking sensational!

  3. HR Giger is clapping in his hands slowly with awe and so am I !

  4. Thanks for commenting guys!
    I'm glad you like the model so far.

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