Sunday, 12 June 2016

WIP: Former Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Nestorian

I've almost finished converting Nestorian for the projct I'm working on with Bigbossredskullz!
The only thing left to do is make a smoother transition between the bionics and the bio-gun. But some cables and green-stuff flesh will fix this in no time. And then he'll be ready for paint!

Usually I like black and white pictures of WIPs better, but this picture really shows the base, which I think is cool. The base was done by applying a layer of GW crackle-paint over an already wet layer of glue and sand. I think the cracks look a lot better like this than applied directly on a flat surface.  

The retinue so far. I think I'll add a couple more models. I need a close combat specialist. Maybe base it on a Genestealer Aberant?

Group picture of all the Nestorian Infestation models ready for paint!