Saturday 25 June 2016

Silver Tower Week day VI: Gaunt Summoner and Familiars

Welcome to the sixth day of the Silver Tower Week. Today I want to show you my version of the Gaunt Summoner and some of his Familiars. 

The Gaunt Summoner is one of the best models in the box. The only things that annoyed me about the original model was the huge bunny ears, and the flat flame coming out of the book. These items was easily removed, and now the model looks great. 

The Familiars are also quite cool, but some of the sculpts look completely flat. The moon-faced character is probably the worst. I gave the model a new body to make it look more three-dimensional. Now it's basically a Nurgling with a moon-face.  I also gave the walking book a new pair of legs and an arm. The bird Familiar is still a WIP.


  1. The summoner is amazing. To take a wonderfully sculptured head and then replace it with your own takes balls. The fearless approach continues to inspire.

  2. Savage!. cogs are a nice touch, very Tzeentch.

  3. Lovely. The summoner is fantastic - he's much better off without those eyestalk-horn-thingies.

    The red-blue striped pattern work really well on the fish familiar. Reminds me of 90s dinosaur art -most theropods used to be depicted in similar colours back then for some reason.

    1. Cheers! I'm planning ti paint some screamers in the same colour scheme.

  4. Great job! I actually like the Gaunt Summoner's "huge bunny ears", but he works just as well without them.