Monday 24 April 2017

Sunday 23 April 2017

Magnus the Red conversion by Rebecca

Hello! I'm Rebecca.

Last time I posted here, I showed you my Armies on Parade entry. You can see it here

This time I'm showing the largest model i made for the Vortapt IV campaing. The model is based on Magnus the red. I didn't really care for the Magnus model, but saw it without armour on a painting tutorial. I think it's really cool that they have sculpted a torso under the armour plates. This is what I wanted to focus on when I made the model. This might look like a crazy conversion, but I haven't really done much more than removing the armour and swapping his arms and head. 

I tried a new painting technique on my Magnus. The flesh is done mostly with washes and glazes over a corax white primer. 

Friday 21 April 2017

Nestorian Infestation: Giant Psychic Spore

Here is my newest creation for the Nestorian Infestation project. This is the same kind of miniature as the baby faced giant servitor I made last year (LINK). But this one has a mix of both mechanical parts and flesh. 

The Genestealer Cult uses a mix of Mechanicum and Genestealer technology to create their warmachines. This one is an unstable Psychic Spore hidden behind a metal shield made from the face of a metal statue. 

I based this model on the big spore and tentacles from the Tyranid drop pod kit. The face is a greenstuff copy of a cheap angel statue. 

Friday 14 April 2017

AoS28: Human Scuttlings for Silver Tower

I've completed another four Human Scuttlings for Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower. You can se the other ones I've made HERE

I really dislike the Grot Scuttlings you get in the Silver Tower box. These replacements have been made the same way as the others. I used Skaven bodies with new heads and arms to make them. 

Friday 7 April 2017

Revisiting The Beast

The Beast is the model I made for the Scandinavian painting competition The Fang in 2015. I have showed you this model before, but the old pictures are really bad. This model is a nightmare to photograph because of the pose and tentacles. But it's one of my favourite models, so it definitely deserved some photos with a better camera. 

Wednesday 5 April 2017

AoS28: Kairic Acolytes for Silver Tower

I've completed three of the Kairic Acolytes from Silver Tower. I really like these models, because they almost have realistic muscles (unlike the Bloodgusy). 

I wanted a few more for conversions and bought the new Warhammer Quest, where you get ten of these. I was really disappointed. The newer, multi part versions, look completely different. I think they're designed by someone else. Their abs look really wierd, and they have enormous nipples. I'm not a fan of the new mask designs either.

This one is my favourite of the Acolytes. The Griffhound head works perfectly on the Acolyte body. Sadly all the new Griffhounds are a lot bigger, and their heads don't fit any human bodies. 

Here you can see the Necromancer fighting the Acolytes. I really like red and turquoise, and didn't really think about the colour choices for the models until after I painted them. I now realise that both groups have the same colour scheme.

Tuesday 4 April 2017

AoS28: Necromancer & Skeletons for Warhammer Quest

I wasn't the biggest fan of the heroes in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower when i bought the box last summer. I quickly converted my own hero character, a Necromancer, to use instead. I did however get distracted by other project, and left this guy on the shelf for several months. But now I've finally finished the hero and his skeleton warriors.

The necromancer was based on a Skeleton King. I gave him the necromancer staff and my favourite head from the Empire Flagellant box. The skeletons war pretty much straight from the box. 

Sunday 2 April 2017

Black Por part XIII: The second Minotaur

The last three models I converted for the Vortapt IV campaing is finally painted. 

Pestigors come in all shapes and sizes! I really like painting large areas of flesh, and decided to make another big one. This was a really easy conversion, using one of the Ogres from the Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Warshrines as a base. The left arm is from the Blightkings and the other one is from FW Gal Vorback. The Skull is from a Tomb Kings horse, with antlers and horns from the dryads. 

The two Minotaurs together.

Saturday 1 April 2017

AoS28: Chaos Lord

The Gulliman conversion I've been working on the last week is finished. I entered it in the painting competition today and won!

The model is based on GWs newest plastic Primarch, Robute Gulliman. His head and cape are from FW Mortarion. The shield and loincloth are from the Blightkings. I filed away all the stupid details from Gullimans armour, and moved his legs closer together. 

The paintjob was very quick and experimental. I did it all in two evenings. The armour was painted black, and wet blended with black and grey to give it a little contrast. Then I sponged the edges with dessert yellow, followed by an edgehighlight/stippling with pallid flesh. I glazed everything with the green camoshade.
I think the base turned out really great on this one. I wanted something to really contrast the dark armour on the model. I painted the base in brown and red to get an interesting basecoat. Then I added the orangeish rusty water. This was done by adding a pool of orange shade on the base. While the shade was still wet, I randomly added watered down yellow and let the two colours mix naturally. I added gloss varnish to the orange, to give it a watery look.