Thursday 23 June 2016

Silver Tower Week day IV: Tzaangors

Day IV! 

Today I want to share my Tzaangors. Beastmen are one of my favourite races in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. I especially like the Beastmen dedicated to a specific god. Models like the old metal Nurglegors (or whatever their called) are models with a lot of character, and are a joy to paint!
I thought the same about the Tzaangors, at first. But when I was finished with the main colours of their skin and heads, I started working on the details. Even though these models look brilliant at first sight, some of them have some really annoying details. Their armour have way too many swirly trims and spikes, and they have a ridiculous amount of unnecessary stash hanging from their belts. Don't get me wrong. Details are great, as long as they give something to the model. Unnecessary details are just annoying to paint, and in the end, it makes the models look messy.

Even though I got a little annoyed painting these, they are great models. All in all I think they turned out great!


  1. I love the eyes on the weapons and shields. I have mixed feelings about painting mine as well, I look forward to see them done but not that much to actually painting them.

    1. Cheers! Eyes randomly appearing really fits the Tzeentch theme.

  2. Another £75 I've got to spend lol. Your take on warhammer figures inspire me all the way to the poor house. These are a must have for me, you have done wonders with them.