Sunday 6 May 2018

Great Unclean One: Winners!

Here are the winners of the Great Unclean One competition! 

Check out the whole gallery HERE. Thanks a lot to everyone who participated in the competition. I never imagined getting so many entries. I'll definitely host another painting competition soon. If you have any suggestions or wishes for the next competition, please tell me in the comments. 

1st place: Ana Polanšćak

2nd place: Christof Keil

3rd place: Danny Morison

Thursday 3 May 2018

Great Unclean One Competition: Gallery


I’ve just gone through all the amazing pictures you sent me, and made a complete gallery. Thanks a lot to everyone who participated in the competition!

In the competition I said that you could write a short text about the project. Some of you did this, and the text is placed together with the photographs.
I’ve also added links to the participants Blogs and Instagram accounts so you can check out more of their work. If any links are missing, please tell me in the comments, and I’ll edit them into this post 

The entries are placed in a random order. I will reveal the winner on Sunday, after I’ve consulted with my seven Great Unclean Judges of Nurgle.

Simon Elsen

Here you have Simon's grotesque looking Forge World GUO. He has used a lot of cool techniques on this miniature, including giving it hairs from his beard!

Filip Peterson - @fgsfds

- The Hand of Nurgle -

"Pestilent carol, song of rebirth! Rejoice and be blissful in our humble hearth!" - Excerpt from the Bellowing song of The Hand of Nurgle

As soon as I got the kit I scoured it for ways to convert it. The little face on Rotigus' outstretched arm struck my idea lobe and I converted the entire arm into a head, giving the impression of some sort of tumorous teratoma emerging from his skull (probably his magic casting hand?). Painting him was a blast, playing around with the different textures and hues proved to be some of the most fun I've had painting in a while. Being so corpulent and nurgley - it's a very forgiving miniature to both paint and build. If you get a chance to do the new Great Unclean One, I thoroughly recommend it.

Wilting Moon

 Here you have Wilting Moon's GUO! You can see more on his blog:

Martin Fike II

Martin calls his GUO: Aqsh’lrryth the befouled, patron of the tribe of the flea.

Joakim Moberg

To me this was more of an exercise in experimentation and technique. Lots of happy accidents and massive failures, just letting it evolve as i went along.
Not being a big fan of the crisp and clean style of GW I tried conveying my personal vision of what Nurgle represents, Life in death and decay. Build wise I took a lot of inspiration from the original Wayne England piece, seeing as the horny portrusions in the back looked a bit like a forest, hence the tree.
After putting it all together, to justify there being a tree stuck on there I envisioned it to be a parasitic growth, growing in mockery and imitation of life itself, and tying it together with the muted paintjob and painting the tentacles as tendrils of this same growth, saturating the daemon.

The chains and skulls i put in as more of a coolfactor and to break up the organic shape of the tree itself.

Lukas Adolfsson - @lukasadolfsson03

When I started this drawing I did a little testing with the shading and the tentacles. I have always felt that Grandfather Nurgle has a few Cthulhu vibes and I liked tentacles on it. The hardest part to do was the two nurglings in his stomach. The wound was a bit tricky to make but in the end it turned out Nice. The nurglings also add the little sense of humor that is in Nurgles stuff. So Here it is, my Nurgle Gardeneer. All Hail Father Nurgle!

My Instagram is lukasadolfsson03 if anyone would be interested in blanchitsu/conversion posts.

Danny Morison - @dark_mechanic

Tritus, Great Unclean One -
'Never mind the sting in the air and open those eyes of yours, boy! Behold, mighty Tritus, favoured Nurgle-Son!
See how He stirs this retched scum, of which we call our home? See how He alone is the tide and current, our wind and air? See how he breaks up the detritus 'bergs? How He mashes those great islands of fat and rot? No hope aloud, boy, not in His domain, no land beneath your feet, nor respite from the pitch-sickness permitted here, me cheeky lud!
Hark boy, hark at our wretched kingdoms and domains, mighty galleys of flotsam and jetsam, half-sunken empires with empty sails, watch how they squabble and eat each other, toys in a storm, trying to catch the eyes of our Lord!
For what a prize that'll be, eh boy? To become fat and swollen with war and death, to be lifted like a crown, exalted, and placed on god-head! To have your domain crumble around you, to begin the fight anew, crows nest and rotting rope castles your new prize, ha! I'd grow hard even with the contemplation of such a thing, if those parts hadn't been claimed by this greasy slick of an ocean all those years ago!
Come now, boy, ready your hook and spear, see how our brothers flounder and sink? Time to stick the knife in, play the carrion-role.

I don't know where you came from before you fell from the sky, boy, and I care not, but I'd hide the shiny eagle, cast it away even! This is your life now, and for Tritus sake, don't fall into the muck!'

Alex Haworth - @nergling

Here you have Alex' custom made GUO!

Toby Frost

On receiving a distress message, Inquisitor Lao traveled to the garden world of Bacculum to investigate a sect known as the Horticultists. Lao was met with hostility from the cultists and, finding the sect to be heretical, sought assistance from the Adepta Sororitas in putting it down.

The Horticultists attacked savagely, invoking a mysterious patron they called Cankerus in their warcries. The Battle Sisters fought their way through increasingly rank and diseased foliage. At the centre of the forest, in a clearing full of fecund, bloated fruit, they discovered the truth: the Horticultists had been systematically poisoning the soil with unclean alchemy, causing a Great Unclean One to manifest itself through the very trees. After a fierce fight, the Sisters cleansed the polluted glade with fire.

Captured cultists confessed that the alchemical material had been supplied by Chaos Marine forces. Bacculum remains under assessment regarding Exterminatus.

This model was inspired by the Garden of Nurgle concept in recent GW releases, as well as John Blanche's "Voodoo Forest". It was made from a feculent gnarlmaw turned around, with arms from a forgefiend. Other parts came from the Maggoth and chaos spawn.

Ana Polanšćak - @a_polansack

Here you have Ana’s sculpted Great Unclean One!

Dai Dead

Dai’s GUO is a limited sculpt by a Danish artist named Jon Micheelsen. It was made 5-6 years ago, and only cast around 20 miniatures.

Chris John - @mounty_chris

Chris’ GUO is mostly made from spare parts from the new GW miniature.

Edo Kalkman

Edo focused on the atmosphere when painting his GUO. He painted the miniature for a friend, so the only shot of the back he could find was a WIP one.

Karsten Becker

My inspiration for the miniature came years ago when I played the games Darksiders I & II, to be precise from the Boss " The Jailer" and his variations.

"A disgusting demon made from the pestulant corpses of others, he keeps those whom he defeats in his cages for all eternity"

I really liked the idea that the jailers body is made of corpses, his "blind" face and his malformed lump for a shoulder.

My Great Unclean One is a representation of Nurgles aspect of death.
It is a "judge" that is collecting the dead and dying of the battlefield who were infected with nurgles diseases.
It uses his bell to attract his victims.
The unworthy will be eternally imprisoned in his belly.
The ones that accept nurgles blessings will be reborn as daemons from his body.

I have already a new idea for another Great Unclean One, which is inspired by Azmodan from Diablo III
but only time wiil tell tell when I will do this.

The time limit really helped me to finish this miniature.

Luke Stine

Based on an alternative story to Steven King's IT, where Bill isn't sick and is eaten by Pennywise the clown. Now Georgie is terrorised by the clown creature, and must figure out how to stop it before he floats too.

Jens Gimore - @old_snail

My guo represents the Great Yellow Worm of Nurgle. Chief daemon of my Yellowflies Plaguemarine battalion and the center of its chaos cult. I imagine he has been sent by Nurgle to capture the planet Ephesus, (a homebrew world of me and my brother's) and remake it's forges into a helworld. At his disposal are the plaguemarines of the Yellowflies battalion, and all his warpspawned minions and followers.

Jonathan - @meanderingshade

This project was announced at an opportune time, I'd just opened up my kit and was pondering what to do with it.
It's a beautiful miniature, full of character and I could see a lot of Wayne England's Great Unclean One art piece in the details on the sword and flail particularly, that's where my first bit of inspiration came.

I knew I wanted to convert my Greater Daemon to be reminiscent of that pose, but there were so many wonderful pieces in that kit that the conversion just kind of took on a life of it's own. I started adding more and more and as I did so I started to develop the narrative too, which in turn fed the conversion further and I chopped off and rearranged pieces I'd attached earlier.
The basic narrative that coalesced in my mind became:
“Once two Great Unclean Ones had a wager, the prize of which would be to subsume the other and take their power. The winner didn't completely subsume the other, leaving him fully aware, they jovially converse all the time and neither is unhappy with the situation.”

After the pieces were in place I just had a lot of fun blending it all together with sculpted detail and applying a lot of texture everywhere. I already knew the colours I wanted to use, I had a few Plaguebearers I painted a while back that were inspired by another piece of Great Unclean One art by Clint Langley. Then there was the rust-orange Blanchitsu style wasteland for the base. A lot of arty inspiration went into this one it seems!

The project has been a lot of fun and I'll be developing that background further, writing up a narrative piece while I work on the rest of my Nurgle Daemons.

Christof Keil - @k03rnl

With the arrival of the New Death Guard models last year and their arrival at my hobbyesk it was clear that some deamons of Nurgle would have to join the force,soon.
When this kit hit the shelves it was obvious I would need one for my collection and that I would convert him slightly to fit the 40k setting alongside my Death Guard.
That was about the time I stumbled over the anouncement of the #guocompetition.
Perfect opportunity to tackle the Great Unclean One.
So I added some armour (Plague Drone spare fronts and Blightking shield) and some shenanigans like the Plaguebearer standard, odd tubes and nearly every spare tentacle the kit had left over (normaly reserve to build the other version of the kit)...
Then I hit the bitbox for all gribbly Nurglings I could find and added them to the bulk of him and his base... there are some still in the pipe, perhaps they wil be added in the future,... theres still some spce on the base.
With painting the bulk of him I went with my usual approach, priming him in different colours, then  drybrushing and mostly thinned paints and washes to colour him up.... I went for a bit more layers than I would have usually, for more depth and contrast along with some wetblending (big areas on the model are perfect for training this technique I haven't used often).
Pigments were added to the base only, instead of on the whole model because he was just how I wanted him to be! Dark and disgusting! Hope you "enjoy" the sight!

Thanks to Helge Wilhelm Dahl for hosting this competition and good luck to everybody joining in!

Giuseppe Del Buono - @gisuscraistsuperstar

Here you have Giuseppe’s “Fake Unclean One”!

Van Bullard

Here you have Van’s sculpted GUO. It’s his first sculpt!

Tom Haslup

Tom re-based a really really old GUO for this competition.

Tommy Hovind Kristiansen - @bigbossredskullz

Tommy’s GUO is based on the FW miniature. You can read about his thoughts on the project on his blog:

Johan Egerkrans

You can read about his thoughts on the project on his blog:

Rebecca Vilde Martine Khron Karlsson - @revimakk_minis

Rebecca made a female GUO. She used the face of the Statue of Liberty as a mask, and cables for hair.