Saturday 21 January 2017

Black Pox part VI: Second Minotaur and Tech Abomination

I've put together two new models for the Nurgle Pestigor warband I'm working on for the VortaptIV project. 

Mikkel gave me one of the mutant bodies from the Chaos Warshrine, and I quickly decided to use it for another Minotaur. I've been wanting to convert one of these models for a long time, and finally got my hands on one. I really like the nasty looking fat stomach. 

The second model is  a Tech Abomination made by the Crimson Queen. When she finds beings beyond saving from the Black Pox, she tries to give them new life.
The model is based on a drawing by John Blanche.

Thursday 19 January 2017

Black Pox part V: The Crimson Queen WIP

The leader of my Pestigor warband is a being called the Crimson Queen. She is an ex Tech Priestess. 

The Queen has turned her back on the Imperium to find greater power elsewhere. On the planet Vortapt IV, the fourth planet in the Vortapt System, she discovers a group of Abhumans/Pestigors. This group is slowly dying of the plague, the Black Pox. The Crimson Queen provides medicine and mechanical augmentations for the dying Abhumans, saving them from their imminent death. They start treating her as a saint, and she quickly becomes the leader of the group. 

I made the first version of the Crimson Queen using a Tech-Priest Dominus, but when the new version came out, I changed my mind. This version of the model is based on the new Belisarus Cawl model. I still have some work left to do on her, but I really like where this is going!

I really like the silhouette she gets with wings, but I'm not sure if they're a good mach to the rest of her. What do you think?

Monday 16 January 2017

Black Pox part IV: A closer look at the finished Pestigors from 2016

I just relized I forgot to post individual pictures of the Pestigors I finished last year. Here are the pictures from my Instagram! Check it out if you'd like to see some WIPs not shared on the blog. I usually share a couple of quick updates a week on my Instagram. I'm currently working on a few ex Teck Priests allied with the pestigors, but more on that soon.

Sunday 8 January 2017

The Miniatures of 2016

2016 has been my most productive year in the hobby. During the year I've converted and painted more interesting models than ever before. This blog, Instagram and Facebook have helped me with motivation to paint more miniatures. Thanks to everyone who follow and give feedback on my work. 


Tech-Priest Dominus

Daemonette Queen and Slaaneshi Brutes

The Mutant Herder


Blightking Terminators


Genestealer Cult for Nestorian Infestation

Genestealer Cult Beast


Massive Voodoo Mad Max challenge

Tzeentch models for Silver Tower

World Eater Praetor


Nestorian's Retinue for Nestorian Infestation

All the Nestorian Infestation miniatures done 2016


Creepy Spider Tech-Daemons

Mutants for Armies on Parade

Outgard: King Raavenkæld and his Retinue


Outgard: The Kings Champion

Outgard: Tankhouse


Pestigors of the Black Pox Warband on Vortapt IV

Thats it for 2016! I think the one I'm most pleased with is the Genestealer Cult Beast.What's your favourite miniature of the year?