Sunday 31 May 2015

Plaguebearer Snails

Before saturday, I managed to convert and paint another entry for the Fang. I decided to join the Warhammer regiment category, with some heavily converted Plaguebearers. All the models are based on the original Plaguebearers, one is however base on an old metal daemon, and another on a Forge World daemon. I gave them all snail tails, instead of their legs, made from greenstuff. The shells on their backs are from real snails, found on a beach.

I'm really happy with the resolute, and they got 2nd in their category.

Monday 25 May 2015

The Beast & Great Unclean One update

I have a quick update for you now.
The Beast is finished very soon, I only have to fix the canisters on its back, and some other details.

The Great unclean One is also coming along nicely!

Thursday 21 May 2015

Great Unclean One WIP

After finishing the Beasts base, I glued it all together. The Beast is starting to look really good. I have however taken a little brake from the model, since i got tired of the detail work.

Earlier today, I bought a couple of Vallejos Air paints, and wanted to try them out. I played around with them, on my second Great Unclean One for a while. And it turned out so good, that I think i just gave myself a last minute entry for the Fang. The axe was done with Forge World weathering powders. I have used it before, but every time i tried to seal the powders, the effect disappeared. This time I used Mig pigment fixer, and it worked perfectly. Two new techniques working perfectly on the same model, is a damn good feeling! Here are the resolute of the model so far.

Forge Worlds Great Unclean One must be one of my favourite models. The details on it is amazing. About a year ago, I painted another of it's kind. This time I wanted to make it different, so I converted it, holding a two handed axe and are planning to paint it in a purple glazed skin-tone instead of green.

You can check out my first GUO here.

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Inquisitorial Beast WIP part IV, the Base

I have a quick update for you today. Last night I finished painting the base, and I'm very happy with the resolute. Basing is one of the things I like best, when painting and converting miniatures. Especially new projects. Basing an army, can be a bit boring, since you always use the same colours and techniques. But on a new project, like this one, you can really be creative. 

I didn't really have a plan for this base, before I started working on it. As usual I used cork, to give the base a more interesting look, and to give the model somewhere to stand. I then applied some random bits and pieces. A textured plasticard sheet was glued onto the base, together with some electrical cables to make it look futuristic. Some skulls, a corpse, and a GW pipe finished the job. 
To tie it all together, I applied a thick layer of texture-paint and randomly applied crackle paint and grass. 

The base was painted in dark browns and greens. I then built the colour up to GW's Rakarth flesh by very rough and quick wet blending, blending the colours directly on the base. The skulls and corpse, was painted Rakarth flesh on the raised areas. Lastly I randomly washed the whole base in  nuln oil, agarax earthshade, sepia and camoshade. I applied all the shades at the same time, letting them naturally blend into each other, ending up with this:

I just have a few details left on the model, and the Beast will be finished!

Saturday 16 May 2015

Inquisitorial Beast WIP part III

I've done some more painting on the beast. Just a couple of touch-ups, and some details left. I still need to base the model though. Any thoughts on the subject?

Saturday 9 May 2015

Inquisitorial Beast WIP part II

I started painting the beast a couple of days ago. It's skin tone is starting to look good. I just snapped a couple of quick photos with my phone today, and promise to get some better pictures of the model when I've done more on it. The lights are a bit yellow, so the model's skin is a bit paler in real life.
I've also got some pictures of the model in earlier stages.

Friday 1 May 2015

Inquisitorial Beast WIP

I just finished converting and priming my main entry for the Scandinavian painting competition, The Fang. The project started out as a Bloodthirter, but ended up as some crazy inquisitorial weapon project. I'm especially happy with the "driver" hanging on from the monsters back. The idea being an imperial psyker controlling the beast and driving it in the right direction. 

The painting competition is the 30th of may, so you can expect updates soon. 

Thanks for looking.