Sunday 5 October 2014

Golden Demon, Part II

I finished my Inquisitor Lord on three legged walking throne a couple of weeks ago. Finally I got around to take a couple of pictures of it. Following the instructions in the article in last weeks White Dwarf (about how to get good photos), I got a result that I'm very happy with. 

I decided to bring this model to England next weekend as well. It's not the best model I've painted, but it's one of the best conversions I've done, so I feel it has earned a chance in the vehicle category in Golden Demon 2014. 

I tried to give the model a John Blanche feel to it. By using Epedemius' throne, combined with a chaos Hellbrute from Dark Vengeance, I feel that I managed this quite well. The Inquisitor Lords torso and the chair's claw-arm are also from different Chaos Space Marine kits. The legs are scratch built from plastic pipes, and the back made of electronic components. What I'm probably most happy with on the model, is the Inquisitor's green-stuff judge wig, and little judge hammer. He has also got a very tiny moustache painted on his upper lip.  

I've also done quite a lot of painting on Daemon Fulgrim. This is a WIP picture of him so far. 

Thanks for looking. More updates on Fulgrim soon!