Monday 19 February 2018

Nurgle Giant

I finished this Nurgle Giant last week! It has been on my desk half painted for six months, so it was really nice to finally finish it. 

The conversion was quite simple. It's based on a GW Giant (or Aleguzzler Gargant as they are currently called). I sculpted the tentacles and helmet in Greenstuff. The tires on it's shoulders are rubber tires from a toy car. This conversion was very much inspired by the large mutants in the video game RAGE.

I painted this beast like I've painted the rest of my newer Nurgle miniatures; glazes over a white undercoat. On this one I used mostly fleshshade, crimson and orange washes. 

Sunday 18 February 2018

Nestorian Infestation: the Second Game

Last week I had a great INQ28 game with my friend Tommy! It's always nice to set up the terrain and have a quick game and a beer. 

We played the second game of our Nestorian Infestation campaign. It has been an ongoing project we have been working on for over two years. My Genestealer Cult warband has even been featured in Blanchitsu!

I really recommend checking out the battle-report on Tommy's blog: bigbossredskullz

Tommy's brilliant Ordo Xenos team

My prison themed Genestealer Cult

Thursday 1 February 2018

Lesotho 212: the Survivors & the Infected

Last month I visited Warhammer World in Nottingham for a INQ28 game. It was a great game with a LOT of talented hobbyists. I've never seen that many fantastic warbands in one day. Jonathan Hartman (@Shibboleth02 on Instagram) arranged the event, and made the breathtaking terrain. 

I'll leave links to blogs and instagram-accounts on the bottom of the page. I really recommend checking them out!!

I have a lot of photos from the game, but I'm saving them for the battle-report I'll write in the next post. This post will focus on the miniatures I made for the event. 

I mostly used Poxwalkers and resin Servitors to make the Survivors and the Zombies. I wanted to make it look like all the miniatures came from the same research facility. My goal in the game was to get my survivors out of the Lesotho 2-12 labyrinth. I wanted it to look like my gang originally worked at the facility, so I painted them in white and bright orange to match the colours of the terrain. 

The biggest mutant I made was based on a Forge World Plague Ogryn. This was actually the same miniature John Blanche used for making one of his abominations:


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