Tuesday 28 June 2016

WilhelMiniatures on Instagram!

I'm going to New York with my father for a week! This also means the blog will be silent for a little while. But before I go, I want to show you some pretty intereting WIP pictures of variuos projects:
(All of these pictures are from my Instagram account. Be sure to check it out HERE while you wait for my glorious return).

These first pictures show some areas of the gaming board I'm currently working on for the Nestorian Infestation project. There are also some sneak peeks of a couple of Techno-barbarians and mutants I'm working on.

It has been a while since I worked on my World Eaters, but I got some motivation when I got my hands on one of the limited Legion Praetors. I did a quick head and weapon swap, which improved the model a lot in my opinion. I'm trying out the Red Butchers colour scheme from some of the latest artworks from Forge World.

Remember to check out my Instagram and Facebook, where I sometimes post quick WIP pictures from my desktop.

Sunday 26 June 2016

Silver Tower Week day VII: WIP Heroes

Sadly I've shown you all of the finished miniatures from the box, but I have some interesting conversions of some of the Heroes to finish off the Silver Tower Week. 

First I have a very easy conversion of the Stormcast Eternal. I gave the model a new sword, shield and head. Even though I actually like the Stormcast masks a lot, I think its more fitting with a bare head when you make a classic fantasy hero. 

Second is my take on a Necromancer with two skeletons. I based the Necromancer on the skeleton king model, and gave him the original Necromancer staff and a head from Empire Flagellants.

I've also converted the Barbarian from the box. I wanted this one to have a base themed to the Silver Tower setting. So I gave the model a base consisting of a Tzeentch disc, crashing into a room of flying gears.

Saturday 25 June 2016

Silver Tower Week day VI: Gaunt Summoner and Familiars

Welcome to the sixth day of the Silver Tower Week. Today I want to show you my version of the Gaunt Summoner and some of his Familiars. 

The Gaunt Summoner is one of the best models in the box. The only things that annoyed me about the original model was the huge bunny ears, and the flat flame coming out of the book. These items was easily removed, and now the model looks great. 

The Familiars are also quite cool, but some of the sculpts look completely flat. The moon-faced character is probably the worst. I gave the model a new body to make it look more three-dimensional. Now it's basically a Nurgling with a moon-face.  I also gave the walking book a new pair of legs and an arm. The bird Familiar is still a WIP.

Friday 24 June 2016

Silver Tower Week day V: Grot Scuttlings

This is the fifth day of the Silver Tower Week, and today I want to show you my version of the Scuttlings. GW's Scuttling models are by far the worst in the box. I've tried several conversions using the original bits from the box, but they just looked weird. I decided to create my own version of the Scuttlings. I really liked the look of the Skaven Deathruner I had converted earlier, and wanted my Scuttlings to have the same look. They ended up as Human Scuttlings instead of Grots, which fits my painting style better than green skinned fantasy creatures. 

I used Skaven bodies, empire heads, and Uruk-Hai crossbows from GWs Lotr range. One of them also received a pair of Daemonette claws, to give him a more mutated chaos look. I only made four models as a test, so I need to create another four to have the right amount for the game. 

I really enjoyed painting the metals on these guys. I drybrushed and stippled gold followed by silver on top of a dark bronze to get a nice metallic base. Then I washed the areas with sepia, orange, green shades and watered down dark greenish blue. This ended in some very interesting colour variations on some of the larger metal plates. 

Thursday 23 June 2016

Silver Tower Week day IV: Tzaangors

Day IV! 

Today I want to share my Tzaangors. Beastmen are one of my favourite races in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. I especially like the Beastmen dedicated to a specific god. Models like the old metal Nurglegors (or whatever their called) are models with a lot of character, and are a joy to paint!
I thought the same about the Tzaangors, at first. But when I was finished with the main colours of their skin and heads, I started working on the details. Even though these models look brilliant at first sight, some of them have some really annoying details. Their armour have way too many swirly trims and spikes, and they have a ridiculous amount of unnecessary stash hanging from their belts. Don't get me wrong. Details are great, as long as they give something to the model. Unnecessary details are just annoying to paint, and in the end, it makes the models look messy.

Even though I got a little annoyed painting these, they are great models. All in all I think they turned out great!