Thursday 28 April 2016

Genestealer Cultist with Grenade Launcher

The Cultist with a heavy weapon is finished!
This model was originally supposed to wield a mining laser, but the mining laser was way too big. It just looked stupid. But the model still looked like it was supposed to be wielding a heavy weapon, so I swapped the laser for a grenade launcher. The painting was done in the same way as I painted the first cultist.

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Genestealer Cult Magus

I finished my Genestealer Magus and made him a Servo-Skull yesterday.
I really like how the Magus looks straight out of the box, so I didn't do any major changes on the model. The only thing I did was giving him another head, and removing some minor details I didn't like.
I originally planned to use a Genestealer skull when I made the Servo-Skull, but I found another skull that I thought was more fitting. It has some sort of parchment in its mouth, which I thought was more appropriate to go with the Magus than a dead Genestealer.

I've also started to paint the Genestealer Beast. Instead of painting the whole model in a skin colour, like I did on the Genestealer Hybrid, I decided to give this model armoured areas to have more contrast. I was inspired by how GW paint their new Genesealers when I decided where to put the blue-purple armour. What do you think about it so far?

Monday 25 April 2016

WIP: Massive Voodoo's Mad Max Car Contest, part II

Today I have a quick update on my Mad Max themed car for Massive Voodoo's painting competition. I still have a to do a lot of work, but the car is really starting to look interesting.

Thursday 21 April 2016

Genestealer Hybrid

I've painted up the Genestealer Hybrid/Mutant that I converted about a week ago. The model is based on a Khorne Bloodletter, with hands and arms from fantasy Ghouls, and the Tyranid arm and head are from a 1st generation Genestealer Hybrid. The models back and face are sculpted. I made it blind, like I did on the Genestealer Beast that I'm working on. It was quite easy and effective to make eye sockets, but leave out the eyes.

I decided to go with a quite pale skin colour, which tuned out quite nice. This is however a completely naked model, with very few details that are not part of the skin. To make it look more interesting I gave it some dots and veins. But I wasn't quite happy with the model until I gave it a base. This one has some extra details on the base, and more orange than the other members of the Cult. The orange on the base makes the model blend a lot better with the ones in orange clothing.

Bloodletters are one of my favourite GW kits. The legs and hunched forward torsos work great for all kinds on models. Here I have a couple of pictures of the same base model used in three different projects. They all even have arms from the fantasy Ghoul kit! 

On the left I have a member of a radical Inquisitorial Warband. I'm not completely sure what this model is supposed to be. But the thought behind it is that he originally was a human, before the Inquisitor he serves had him turned into a monster. 

In the middle is the Genestealer Hybrid. The Bloodletter is a perfect base model for a sneaky looking alien. 

On the right is one of my Slaaneshi Brutes, that I made earlier this year. 

Thanks for looking!

Monday 18 April 2016

WIP: Massive Voodoo's Mad Max Car Contest

I started a little late, but I have however started working on my entry for Massive Voodoo's Mad Max Car Contest Issue 2. If you don't know about it yet, you should definitely check it out:

I bought a toy car for the project several months ago, but didn't start working on it until now. I guess I was more motivated with my current project, the Genestealer Cult. But at the moment I'm not sure how to paint the Genestealer Beast, so I started working on the car while I think about how to approach the model.

I have to do a lot more work on this model, but I think it's going to be an interesting project. 

Thursday 14 April 2016

The first Cultist

The first member of the Genestealer Cult is complete! I've painted the models and made bases partly in batches, so the rest of the squad will follow soon. Usually I don't use any strong colours when I paint, so painting orange was a bit challenging.
I experimented a lot on these guys, so when I post a couple more miniatures, you'll see that the orange and sepia are done slightly different. 

I'm especially happy with the base. Since this is a new project, I wanted to create some new types of bases. I tried out textured plastic card, shaped like floor tiles. The result made me think of the basement of a long abandoned and ruined hospital. 

Tuesday 12 April 2016

WIP: Deathwach, Imperial Fist

As you know, if you have followed my blog for the past couple of weeks, I'm working on a Genestealer Cult. This Cult is however part of a bigger project I'm doing with my fellow Norwegian Warhammer Blogger Bigbossredskullz. The theme for the project were working on is Genestealers VS. Deathwatch. And I've just started working on my Deathwach Killteam for the project. 

The first model of the Killteam is an imperial Fist. Or at least that's the plan so far. The heavy looking armour made me think of an IF, but I'm not a 100% sure. Maybe he'll be part of a IF successor chapter. I am also working on changing the Space Wolf Wulfen I converted a while ago into other members of the Killteam!

I've also made bases for my first couple of Genestealer Cult modes, and primed the Genestealer Beast! So hopefully I'll have something finished to show you next time.

Sunday 10 April 2016

WIP: Genestealer Hybrid

Today I have a quick update on my Genestealer Cult. Last night I finished sculpting and started painting a new Genestealer hybrid. This is a hybrid that has evolved into something that looks like a  Purestrain Genestealer, but still has a long way too go. I'll write more about how I converted an paintied this guy when I post the finished miniature. Untill then you can have a look at these photos I took with my phone wile working on the model. 

Tuesday 5 April 2016

WIP: Genestealer Beast part II

The Genestealer Cult Beast hybrid is almost ready to paint. This is one of the craziest conversions I've ever done, and I think it turned out great. The model is based on a Tyranid Carnifex, with its torso turned upside down. The plan was to create a Carnifex hybrid that looks more like a Genestealer creature than a normal Tyranid. What I really like about the Genestealers are their back plate. They have a ribcage looking bone armour on their back, while other Tyranids have flat plates. The "ribcage" looks a lot creepier, so I decided to use what originally was the Carnifex' ribcage as the models back armour. I used the torso of a Bloodthirster as the models front torso to make the model look like a humanoid hybrid, and not a pure Tyranid creature. The head was also based on the one from a Carnifex. I cut away its face, and sculpted a new one, a more human looking one than the original. 

The hardest part about creating this model, was choosing arms. I tried a lot of different types and numbers. I considered using original Carnifex arms, mechanical ones, ogre/ogryn arms to go with the human-looking theme or no arms at all. But I ended up with spider like bug arms. They are Plague Drone limbs, with Genestealer rending claws as hands. I got the idea from the Dark Mechanicus at the Ex Profundis blog and the Nurgle Trolls from the Convertorum.

When I turned the Carnifex torso upside down, I noticed how much the hole, where the lower body was supposed to bee, looks like some sort of chair or throne. Therefore I decided to give the best a rider. For this i used a mostly straight out of the box Genestealer hybrid. I did however add a few extra details, like the psychic collar from the Culexux Assassin, and his fingers that turns into cables and runs into his mutant steeds back. 

I'm planning to enter this model into a this years The Fang painting competition in Oslo.  The competition is just a month away, so you can expect more updates on the model soon!

I usually think WIP pictures look better in black and white. A lot of different colours can be distracting. But I thought it could be interesting to have one in colour anyway, so you can get a better idea of what parts I used and where I used green-stuff.

Thank for looking!