Wednesday 18 April 2018

Nurgle Faun

With my Great Unclean One competition coming up in two weeks, I thought you all needed some Nurgle inspiration! Here is my first Nurgle Faun. I'm planning to make a small warband of these guys. I'll paint them to match my Poxwalkers and and the Black Pox Pestigor warband I made last year. However, I'll try to keep the technological parts to a minimum, so I also can use the fauns as a warband for AoS28.

I filmen all the steps when I painted this guy. I'm planning to make a YouTube channel and start making a few painting and converting videos. But editing videos are harder and more time consuming than I thought, so it'll still be a little while until the first video is done. 

The Faun are based on a Plaguebearer with Tyranid Gaunt legs. The hands and axe are form a Poxwalker, and the head is from an Empire Flagellant. 

Tuesday 17 April 2018


It's still two weeks until the competition is over, so you still have time to make a Great Unclean One! Read the original post with the competition rules HERE.