Friday 31 March 2017

Black Pox part XII: The Tech Abomination

The Tech Abomination is complete! This is probably the most grotesque model I've ever created, enjoy!

The Crimson Queen has managed to save most of the Pestigors from the Black Pox. But a few react badly to the brutal treatment of the plague. These poor individuals either die or go insane. They often end up in one of the Crimson Queens experiments. With a mix of necromancy and technology, she creates unstable killing machines of flesh and metal. These monsters are known as Tech Abominations in the Underhive. 

This model is based on a Wood Elves steed (the same one I used on my Centaurs). It has a tail of cables from the FW Mechanicum Scylla Guardian-Automata Covenant and an Imperial Guard Chainsword. 

Thursday 30 March 2017

Desktop VIII

As I mentioned a few posts ago, my local GW store is having a painting competition themed plastic Primarch this Saturday. This means you have to enter either Magnus the Red or Robute Gulliman. I really hate the new Gulliman model, but I think I've managed to fix it. I'll post the finished model on Saturday.

Black Pox part XI: The Crimson Acolyte

Last week I shared three new miniatures for my Nurgle Pestigor warband. Here's the first one painted:

The Crimson Acolyte (right) standing beside her master, The Crimson Queen (left).

As I've mentioned before, the Crimson Queen was once a Tech Priestess. In her former life, serving the Imperium, she had several followers. Some of them followed her to Vortapt IV, and helped her to take control of the Pestigors in the Underhive. Now they are known as Crimson Acolytes.

This model is based on the Warhammer Fantasy Necromancer with a Banshee head. Most of the tach bits and her left arm are taken from Ballistaris Cawl.

The orange and skin were painted using only washes over a Corax White undercoat, the same painting style i used on the Pestigors.

Wednesday 29 March 2017

Black Pox part X: Pestigor Priest

I've photographed the Pestigor Priest i painted a couple of weeks ago in my lightbox. You might have seen a picture of this one earlier, but the new ones are a lot better. 

The crimson Queen is the current leader of the Pestigors. She rescued them from the Black Pox, helped them to rise from the underhive swamp and fight their oppressors. But before the Crimson Queen found the Pestigors, they were led by Priest. Thyused religion and primitive drugs to fight the decease. Most of the Priests were too stubborn to follow the new ways of the Crimson Queen, and was either killed by her or died from the plague, but some can still be found among the ranks of the Pestigors. 

This model was actually the first Pestigor I converted. He was originally a part of another warband I made a few years ago, but was never finished. Luckily I found him in a box, and gave him a new life. 
Like many of the other Pestigor models It's based on a Nurgle Plaguebearer. The legs and antlers are from a Wood elves steed (the ones I used to create my Centaurs), the armour are from the Tempestus kit, blade from Skaven, and his head is from the Blightking box.

Tuesday 28 March 2017

Desktop VII

I really like starting new projects. In the last couple if weeks I guess I've started too many. I promise I'll post something finished next time. But not this time.. Here's the first character for a new project. More information will follow soon!

Tuesday 21 March 2017

Desktop of the week VI

Last week I started painting the three new Nurgle followers I shared in my last post. They will hopefully be finished during this week. When I've completed the three models I'll photograph them properly and share them in a larger post.

My local GW store is having a small painting competition in two weeks time, themed plastic Primarch. This means you have to enter either Daemon Magnus or Gulliman. Honestly I think Gulliman is one of the ugliest models GW have ever released. But I still decided to use him for the competition. Yesterday I started playing around with the bits to see if I could fix Gulliman. This is what I've done so far:

Tuesday 14 March 2017

Desktop of the week V: Pestigors and AoS28

This week I've been mostly been working on my Pestigor warband. I finished my Plague Priest, who was actually the first Pestigor I converted. I've also finished converting another three members of the warband.

I've also started to make a few more Human Scuttlings for Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower and AoS28.

Tuesday 7 March 2017

Black Pox part IX: The second batch of Pestigors

Here are the rest of the Pestigors I used in the first games of the Vortapt IV campaign. I'm really happy with how the whole warband turned out.

It's really hard to photograph models in the cabinet, but here's my whole Pestigor warband with some terrain:

Monday 6 March 2017

Desktop of the week IV

I've decided to enter this years Golden Daemon painting competition in the end of May. Here's a very early WIP for the Duel category.

Friday 3 March 2017

Black Pox part VIII: The Crimson Queen

It's almost a month since we played the first part of the Vortapt IV campaign. I've finally gotten around to photograph the newest members of my Nurgle warband. The first one is the Crimson Queen:

This is the warband's leader, an ex Tech-Priestess. She was based on the lower body of a Tech Priest Dominus (the third time I converted third model) and the torso from a Tomb Banshee. The head and arms are taken from a Sister of Silence, with antlers from a Blightking. I tried to paint this model in the same style as the Pestigors, using only washed over a corax white undercoat. The orange was done using several layers of GW orange shade. I added some red and green shades in the recesses to get a more interesting finish. The skin was painted the same way as the skin on the pestigors, using a little less green to make her look more human. Check the skin tutorial I made HERE.