Wednesday 27 August 2014

Fulgrim, daemon prmarch of Slanesh

Yesterday I ordered a couple of bitz from eBay. Including dark eldar wings and a serpents tale from a tomb kings box. The plan is to kit-bash a daemon Fulgrim for golden daemon in october. This is what I've come up with so far:

Thank you for looking!

Sunday 17 August 2014

Great Unclean One

It has taken some time, but now I've finally managed to take some good pictures of my Forge World Great Unclean One that I entered in The Fang.

Lastly, an artsy picture of one of the eyes on the Nurgle tree.

Thanks for looking! Any thoughts on the model, feel free to comment.

Saturday 16 August 2014

Armies om Parade, Part III

I've started to paint the ground and the Shrine of the Aquila. I wanted the ground in the same colour as my Tyranid bases, so I did it in the exact same way.  After basing the whole pice in Chaos Black spray, I painted the ground Mecanicus Standard Grey. It was then washed with a heavy shade of Nuln Oil. I used three paint cans to achieve this. After drying for a couple of hours (I probably should have waited a bit longer, there was still some wet shade in the deepest recesses), I gave everything a drybrush of Longbeard Grey.

The Shrine was painted to look worn by the battle raging around it, so i wanted it to look as though the paint was pealing off the walls. This was achieved by first painting the building in patches of dark browns and black, to give a rusty metal look. I then sponged masking fluid on the spots where i wanted to peel off the paint (I couldn't find a masking fluid that actually worked, so I actually used a hair wax of a medium thickness). The building was sprayed Skull White, and the masking fluid removed with a war brush. A couple of glazes Seraphim Sepia was used to give the walls a more aged look.

Some better pictures of the converted carnifex vs. wall:

A small duel between an Inquisitor henchmen and a Hormagaunt, that will be placed on the board. 

 Two new arco evisorators that will be a part of the small Inquisitor warband fighting the Tyranids. These models are based on Kari Hernesniemi's models on:

More updates soon. 

Friday 15 August 2014

Armies on Parade, part II

Here is a quick update on my Armies on Parade project. The ground and building is pretty much ready for priming. I used a mix of earth and sand to give the ground texture. It was done with several thick layers of wood glue/ PVA glue, earth and sand. Details like cork (to represent cracked pieces of asphalt), oil drums, dead Space Marines and wall-pices from the building, was pressed into the still wet mix. Together with a couple of craters, carved directly into the ground, this gave the project the ruined city look I was looking for.

My favourite part of the ruined city so far, is the Carnifex I converted to be crashing through one of the Shrine of the Aquilla's walls. Sorry about the bad picture quality. I will post some better photos tomorrow. 

Thanks for looking!

Monday 4 August 2014

Armies on Parade part I

It has been a while since the last time I updated this blog. During the summer I've been occupied by real life stuff. But a couple of days ago, I finally sat down and started my next 40k project; an entry for the norwegian Armies on Parade.

First I thought about finishing my World Eaters, but decided that the army would be to small. A 2x2 feet display board would look too big for them. So I decided to go with my bigger army of Tyranids. 

I want the display of the army to bee more of a diorama, than just an army. The plan is to have my tyranids swarming through a ruined Imperial city, leaping towards a couple of Imperial survivors. 

The Shrine of the Aquila has been converted to have two, instead of one head, to look more like the Impreial Aquila worn by the Space Marines. 

A Carnifex has been converted to have a running pose, crashing through one of the Shrines walls. This is still very WIP. 

This picture gives an Idea of how the project will look once it's finished. 

The last convert for tonight is a Lictor, climbing the back of a ruined king Leonidas statue, representing a long dead Imperial hero. 

More updates will follow soon.