Tuesday 27 June 2017

AoS28: WIP Daemons

I made a Chaos Lord for AoS28 a while ago (LINK). Now he's getting some company. I'm planning to make a small group of Daemons or Possessed Humans to join my AoS28 Chaos Warband. Here are the first two conversions in the pre greenstuff stage. 

Saturday 24 June 2017

Tutorial: Poxwalkers Batch Painting, part I

Dark Imperium has motivated me to start a new Nurgle army. It's been a while since I've painted anything for an army. Recently I've been working a lot on miniatures for painting competitions and small warbands. Now its time to paint something quick, dirty and relaxing. 

After a few small modifications the Poxwalkers turned out really nice. I did easy conversions on all 20 models. 

The conversions I did were pretty simple. I removed the huge horns and tentacles and swapped their limbs around to make every model individual. I filled all gaps and details I didn't like (for exsample the one with the huge tentacled belly wound) with cheap superglue and sealed it with superglue accelerator. I used superglue and baking powder to give the skin a more interesting texture around the parts where I had removed the horns and tentacles. 

Painting the Poxwalkers:

I. I've never painted this many models in one batch before. To make the painting more effective I blue tacked the models to strips of cardboard, five on each strip. When painting this many miniatures it's easier to paint four units than 20 individual miniatures. 

The Poxwalkers were primed with a layer of Corax White spray. 

II. The miniatures were washed with a thin coat of Reikland Fleshshade.

II. Some of the Poxwalkers are wearing pants and jumpsuits. These were painted in a coat of Fuegan Orange. This is just the first of many layers. I painted more layers of this colour while waiting for other steps to dry. You'll get a bright colour after three to four layers. 

III. Athonian Camoshade was painted into the shadows and around the boils. 

IV. The bases were painted Dryad Bark using a large brush. I painted the same colour on some of the metal parts. I will paint the smaller metal details in the same colour later with a smaller brush. 

V. To give the skin more variations and more shadows I used Druchii Violet. This colour was also used on the remaining tentacles and where skin meets clothing. 

VI. Carroburg Crimson was used in the same way as Druchii Violet in the previous step, but this time it was concentrated a bit more on tentacles and wounds. 

VII. The bases were stippled with Death World Forest.

This is what I've done with the Poxwalkers so far. I've spent three hours painting all 20 miniatures to this stage. I'm not home at the moment, but will be back in a couple of days. I'll try to finish the models and part two of this tutorial next week.

EDIT: I'm finished with all three parts! PART II, PART III

Saturday 17 June 2017

Dark Imperium

I just got the Dark Imperium box and have decided to start a new army. It's been a while since I played any 40k games, but with new miniatures and rules I'm motivated to try again. I will start the new army with the Nurgle miniatures from the new box. This will probably also be the miniatures I use on this years Armies on Parade. Probably together with my Black Pox Pestigors. 

I really like the size of the new Death Guard miniatures. They feel true scale compared to the human sized Poxwalkers. 

The thing that annoys me the most it that Nurgle's most iconic weapon, power scythes, still don't have rules. But I guess I can use them as regular power weapons. 

The Poxwalkers are a bit too cartoony for my taste. But after removing the huge horns and tentacles and making the weapons smaller, they're starting to look good. 

Thursday 15 June 2017

Tor Megiddo, part I

Tor Megiddo is a collaboration project with Alexander, Mikkel, Rebecca, Erik (Nordic), Tommy (Bogbossredskullz), Saul (Warbosskurgan), Jake (Ex Profundis), Alexander (Hrossvalur), Ana (Gardens of Hecate), Kristian (Secrets of the Void), Johan (The Convertorum) and me. 

The world, Tor Megiddo, is a post apocalyptic dessert planet. Brutal gangs fight over what little fuel and technology that still exists in the world. 

Here are the first few members of my gang of Techno-Barbarians.

I've also made a Desert Mutant for the game. It will probably be accompanied by two more mutants and a beastcaller. In the game this group will be NPCs (non-player characters) in some scenarios. 

Friday 9 June 2017

WIP: Lord of Change

It's been a while since i converted a model with a baby face. But I still like baby faces. So here's my newest conversion; a baby faced Lord of Change!

This monster will accompany my other Tzeentch followers from the Silver Tower box.

Duel for Golden Daemon 2017

Hello all!

I've finally photographed the duel I made for this years Golden Daemon. There were a lot of amazing entries in the competition, and it was great to see all of them in the flesh. I got a finalist pin for this entry!

The base was made of a large plastic pipe cut into the right shape. The edges of the pipe were made with rusted metal plates. They where bent into place and smoothed into the surface with greenstuff. To mach the rusted texture on the plastic surface I used superglue and baking powder. Some places I also used GW crackle paint and Typhus Corrosion. I gave the outside of the pipe an earthy texture using white glue, sand, earth and roots. 

The Genestealer isn't converted at all. It's a model from Space Hulk. The Genestealer bursting through the floor os one of my favourite miniatures. I used greenstuff, superglue, cracklepaint and typhus corrosion to smooth it into the pipe. 

The human explorer is a mix of Solar Auxillia and Genestealer Cult bits, with a Chaos Renegade Militia backpack. I regret using a helmeted head on this one. He would look more surprised and scared if I you could see his facial expressions. 

The rust was painted by stippling AK interactive rust effects and rust coloured FW weathering powders over a dark brown undercoat.