Saturday 30 January 2016

Walking the mutant

I finished my entry for Ready your Retinue January 2016. The model is based on a Plaguebearer with Tyranid Hormagaunt legs and the twin heads from the Dark Eldar Wracks kit. His mutated human pet, is based on a Ghoul with a slave mask from the Empire Flagellants. I used different glazes to give them two different skin tone. Warm purple and sepia colours on the Plaguebearer, and colder blue-purple colours on the pet mutant. 

This duo will be a part of my Mutant/Daemon warband. When I made them, I thought they would be followers of Nurgle. But now that I'm finished with the painting, I think they look quite Slaaneshi as well. But since there are an infinite number of Daemons in the Warp, I think a lot of them overlap whichever God/force they are supposed to follow. 

When photographing the models, me and my friend Rebecca took one with both our entries, and the picture turned out quite nice. I like the four different heights of the models (five counting the skeleton on the base). You can check out more pictures of her model here.

Thursday 28 January 2016

The 100th Post

Whoooowhoo! This is my 100th post. Which means I have over one post in an average week. I'm quite happy with the fact that I've managed to keep a steady flow of new projects, and that I've managed to complete most of them. More and more people have discovered my blog just in the last couple of months, which have been a great inspiration to come up with new stuff too share. Thanks to all my readers and followers. I hope you'll keep checking out my miniature art in the future. 

There's no celebration without some Slaaneshi fun. Therefor I'm going to show you my two newest members of my Slaanesh Warband; The Daemonette's brutish slaves/bodyguards. These are models I converted a couple of months ago, but I never shared the conversions. I started to paint them, but didn't manage to get the right skin-tone. After completing the Daemonette, I decided to re-paint them in a similar colour-sheme as her. And this time I think the skin turned out much better. 

The Brutes are based on Bloodletters of Khorne, with Goblin heads from the GW's Hobbit range. When I made them, I made seven. So you I have five more, almost ready for paint. 

Monday 25 January 2016

WIP: Nurgle Prophet & Retinue

In the last couple of days, I've been working on some conversions for my Mutant/Nurgle warband. Some of them still have a lot of work left, and they all need to be cleaned up and green-stuffed. But I think they're all starting to look interesting. They are still WIP, so if there are any changes you think I should do, please let me know.

The Prophet and his retinue. All the models are based on Plaguebearers, with additional bits from several kits. I'm most pleased with the Tyranid Hormagaunt legs, given to the models on the sides. 

I'm going to use this pair of models for the first month of Ready your Retinue 2016, on the Inq28 Ammobunker forum. So I'll try to get them painted up during the weekend. The finished models will share a base, and stand a bit closer together. 

So far this model has only gone through a simple head-swap. I'm kind of getting a Khorne feel from this one, so I might fill all the wounds and rust holes on the armour, and paint him up like a Khorne mutant. Whatever I decide to do with him, he's getting a lot of cables from a box on his back to his helmet, to make him more 40k looking.

This running mutant has Gaunt legs, Hormagaut arm and a  severed head from the Maggoth Lord kit.

Lastly I have a model I made sometime last year, but it fits the theme, so its going to be a part of the warband. The Spawn has a Tyranid Spore Mine as a head. 

Sunday 24 January 2016


A while ago, I converted a Deamonette with lobster-claw shoes (or actually feet). I just got around to paint it. I painted her a lot quicker than I had anticipated. Probably sine she's just flesh and metal. The biggest challenge I had on this model, was sticking her on the base. But after a while I managed to pin the tip of her toe/claw/thing. Since the only thing holding her into place is the tip of her feet, I gave her a flat and boring base, so it wouldn't take too much attention away from the feet. 

It was a quite enjoyable project, and I'm really happy with the resolute. So there will probably be a couple more Daemonette conversions in the future. 

Thursday 21 January 2016

WIP: Putrid Blightkings Terminators

In the last couple of posts, I've concentrated on posting the models that I painted last year. So I think its time to share some of my more recent hobby progress. last night I browsed through a couple of warhammer related sites on the internet. I got really inspired when I saw the death guard terminator conversions by Between the Bolter and Me, and the beautifully painted Blightkings on Convertorum.

First I tried to convert a true-scale Death Guard Marine (the one in the middle),  and started carving away a FW Death guard torso+head and a Blightking. I managed to remove too much of both the FW bit and the Blightking, so the model ended up having no back. I then decided to go with something else, and gave it a terminator back. This turned out nicely, since Terminators and Blightkings have the same scale. Before I knew it, I had made another one. To complete the squad I built three more today. 

I still need to add details, greenstuff and nurgleifying the Terminator parts a bit. I think I'm going to try adding some GW crackle-paint to some spots of their armour to give them a heavily weathered appearance . 

Tuesday 19 January 2016

Armies on Parade part IV: The Human Soldiers

The forces of the Mechanicum and Space Marines rarely fights alone. They are always followed by human soldiers, mercenaries, assassins and other lesser warriors. My army should include a lot more human sized soldier than it does. But I was too busy making all the warmachines, Space Marines and Inquisitorsto do this. So I only made a couple. The first human squad I made was the Electro Priests. These models was photographed a while ago, and I posted them before the competition. You can check them out here

I also made some regular Imperial Guard, made by Empire and Mechanicus models. 

My assassin was painted in a quite special way. I wanted it to have a classic shiny latex look. I started by building up the layer in different reads to get a rich red colour. To get the shine, I highlighted the model with gloss varnish. To get this effect it's important to not paint the entire latex area, but only cover the highlighted areas. 

Lastly I have one of my Inquisitors. I like the conversion, but I'm not too happy with the painted resolute. I think its because I finished this guy last, and painted it until five in the morning on the day of the competition. I feel there is something missing, but I'm not sure what. I do however like the base. The white thing on the models base is actually a dead bug, that I found dried up in my windowsill.