Sunday, 21 February 2016

WIP: Emperors Children Warband

A couple of months ago, I converted a Slaaneshi Chaos Lord from the remains of Fulgrim and a Genestealer. Since last time I showed him, I've finished the green-stuffing on the model. I've also started to create a warband for the Lord. I'm thinking a similar colour-sheme and basing as my Daemon Fulgrim and his squad of fallen Emperors Children: Link. Maybe they'll end up being an army some day.

My Slaaneshi Lord from last year, with some cables and green-stuff added. 

No Slaaneshi warband is complete without some Noise Marines, so I started converting a squad. I based the models on a FW EC Kakaphoni squad. These models are extremely detailed, and look amazing. But their weapons are stupidly oversized, even for 40k standards. I decided to give them classic sonic blasters instead, and use the FW ones on bigger models (like the Lord and Contemptor).

I've had these Phoenix Guard Terminators for ages, but wasn't happy with the way I had started to build and paint them. When working on the Noise Marines, I found them lying in a box, and started to rebuild them in a more post-heresy fashion.

I'm not yet sure what this model is supposed to be, but I like the way the conversion is going. Still have some work left to do on this guy. 

Lastly I made a Contemptor Dreadnought for the warband. I used two spare FW sonic blasters to create a fitting weapon, and a Screamer of Tzeentch tail as a Slaanesi close combat weapon.


  1. Interesting fact that we both aim for the same period more or less :) Even more interesting is that we have more or less the same miniatures! Though I'm certain that it'll two very different forces before we're done :)

    Great start and it'll be fun seeing this develop.

    1. Cheers man!

      I'm looking forward to see your progress on the EC as well. We have quite different styles, so It would be nice to compare the warbands when we're done.

  2. Hey Wilhelm, did these ever get painted?

    1. So far I’ve only painted the Chaos Lord