Friday 31 March 2017

Black Pox part XII: The Tech Abomination

The Tech Abomination is complete! This is probably the most grotesque model I've ever created, enjoy!

The Crimson Queen has managed to save most of the Pestigors from the Black Pox. But a few react badly to the brutal treatment of the plague. These poor individuals either die or go insane. They often end up in one of the Crimson Queens experiments. With a mix of necromancy and technology, she creates unstable killing machines of flesh and metal. These monsters are known as Tech Abominations in the Underhive. 

This model is based on a Wood Elves steed (the same one I used on my Centaurs). It has a tail of cables from the FW Mechanicum Scylla Guardian-Automata Covenant and an Imperial Guard Chainsword.