Saturday, 1 April 2017

AoS28: Chaos Lord

The Gulliman conversion I've been working on the last week is finished. I entered it in the painting competition today and won!

The model is based on GWs newest plastic Primarch, Robute Gulliman. His head and cape are from FW Mortarion. The shield and loincloth are from the Blightkings. I filed away all the stupid details from Gullimans armour, and moved his legs closer together. 

The paintjob was very quick and experimental. I did it all in two evenings. The armour was painted black, and wet blended with black and grey to give it a little contrast. Then I sponged the edges with dessert yellow, followed by an edgehighlight/stippling with pallid flesh. I glazed everything with the green camoshade.
I think the base turned out really great on this one. I wanted something to really contrast the dark armour on the model. I painted the base in brown and red to get an interesting basecoat. Then I added the orangeish rusty water. This was done by adding a pool of orange shade on the base. While the shade was still wet, I randomly added watered down yellow and let the two colours mix naturally. I added gloss varnish to the orange, to give it a watery look.


  1. So there is hope for that dreadful Gulliman kit! :-)

    Well done, the end result's brilliant. And thx for explaining how you pulled it off.

  2. Cheers!
    Yes, Gulliman is dreadful. But the kit actually has a lot of nice bits, and its a fun kit to work with!

  3. Fantastic result. Congratulations!

  4. A worth win. Best model of 2017 so far.

  5. Congratulations! He looks ace, GW should a lesson from this.

  6. I had to re-re-read the post just to make sure I'd read it right. I just couldn't see Robute Gulliman in your Nurglii champion at all the first couple of times. Wow you've made a monstrosity into a great model....that is also monstrous.

  7. A super impressive conversion! It is hard to see that it actually came from the big G at all. Fantastic job on the paint job as well

    1. Cheers!
      The big G model is terrible, but it was actually a quite nice kit to work with. Some cool details among all the ridiculous trims.

  8. love it, the weapon from flagellant kit by chance? fits the nurgle theme perfectly :D