Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Black Pox part X: Pestigor Priest

I've photographed the Pestigor Priest i painted a couple of weeks ago in my lightbox. You might have seen a picture of this one earlier, but the new ones are a lot better. 

The crimson Queen is the current leader of the Pestigors. She rescued them from the Black Pox, helped them to rise from the underhive swamp and fight their oppressors. But before the Crimson Queen found the Pestigors, they were led by Priest. Thyused religion and primitive drugs to fight the decease. Most of the Priests were too stubborn to follow the new ways of the Crimson Queen, and was either killed by her or died from the plague, but some can still be found among the ranks of the Pestigors. 

This model was actually the first Pestigor I converted. He was originally a part of another warband I made a few years ago, but was never finished. Luckily I found him in a box, and gave him a new life. 
Like many of the other Pestigor models It's based on a Nurgle Plaguebearer. The legs and antlers are from a Wood elves steed (the ones I used to create my Centaurs), the armour are from the Tempestus kit, blade from Skaven, and his head is from the Blightking box.


  1. Insane! Beautiful! Incredible work and very inspirational! Congratulations!

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