Thursday 30 March 2017

Black Pox part XI: The Crimson Acolyte

Last week I shared three new miniatures for my Nurgle Pestigor warband. Here's the first one painted:

The Crimson Acolyte (right) standing beside her master, The Crimson Queen (left).

As I've mentioned before, the Crimson Queen was once a Tech Priestess. In her former life, serving the Imperium, she had several followers. Some of them followed her to Vortapt IV, and helped her to take control of the Pestigors in the Underhive. Now they are known as Crimson Acolytes.

This model is based on the Warhammer Fantasy Necromancer with a Banshee head. Most of the tach bits and her left arm are taken from Ballistaris Cawl.

The orange and skin were painted using only washes over a Corax White undercoat, the same painting style i used on the Pestigors.

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