Sunday, 10 September 2017

Armies on Parade 2017, part I

I just found out that GW Oslo will arrange two Armies on Parade competitions this year! One for Age of Sigmar and one for 40k. Which means I can make two entries! I haven't started on any of the display boards yet, so it's going to be quite a challenge to finish both. 

The plan is to enter my Tzeentch army in AoS. This army will mostly be the miniatures I painted last year for Silver Tower. 

The 40k army will be my Nurgle horde, based on the old Pestigor warband, the Poxwalkers, some new bigger monsters and maybe Mortarion and a few Plague Marines. 
The first new monster it a mutant Giant. GWs new giant set consists of two giants. So me and a couple of friend decided to have a little competition, a giant-off. When all the giants are finished, I'll write a post about them here. 


  1. That is brilliant!

    Love the Mad Max style tire shoulder pads.

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