Monday, 18 September 2017

Tor Megiddo, part V

Another pair of miniatures for my Tor Megiddo Tech-Barbarian gang is finished. 

The man is based on a Tzeentch Acolyte with Electro Priest arms and crest. The bionic leg is the arm of a Tech-Priest Dominus with the foot of a Skitarii Ranger. The helmet is an old Empire Knight, and the megaphone is from Balistaris Cawl. I made the skirt from thin wire. 

Beside him is a floating mine. This is a very simple conversion. I just swapped the skull on a servo-skull with a mine from the new Space Dwarves. 


  1. I love his ready-for-anything pose.

  2. All the war bands seem to be gathering momentum now. Can't wait to see the game blogged.

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  4. Bizarre & dark in the true 40K sense - great work.