Wednesday 23 March 2016

Land Raider and Malcador featured in Warhammer Visions issue 26

I entered two categories in Golden Daemon: Tanks last summer. They are both featured in this months Watrhammer Visions. They're not perfect, since I didn't put enough time in the projects. I did both in just over three weeks. Building the diorama base for the Land Raider and the diorama for the Malcador took way too much time, leaving me with too little when I finally started painting. 

I am however quite pleased with the models, even if they're not in a painting competition standard in my opinion. I am also very happy to be featured in Warhammer Visions!


  1. Stunning. Thoroughly well deserved :) I love dioramas an display bases as they really bring the model/setting alive

    1. Cheers man! I should defiantly make more dioramas. It's a lot of fun, and quite cool to have in the display cabinet.