Friday, 4 March 2016

Blightking Terminators

I managed to finish the Blightking based Nurgle Terminators in time for the painting competition tomorrow morning. I'm quite pleased with the final resolute, but there are a couple of things I wish I did differently. Most of the grey details are done in the exact same colours, which makes the modes look a bit flat. I also wish I did a couple of more highlights and glazes on the flesh, to make it look more interesting.

I am however quite pleased with the armour. The main colour was built up using a spray paint highlight. I based the model in chaos black spray. The basecoat was followed by gradually building up brown, green, beige and finally pure white sprayed from the top. I then lightly sponged the armour with dark brown and white, to give it a quick battle damage effect. The whole armour was then glazed with GWs sepia shade, Followed by GWs camo-green shade applied in the recesses.

Note the crackle effect on some of the armour plates. This was easily achieved by randomly applying GWs crackle-paint before priming the model. 


  1. Awesome. They have come our great :)

  2. That 'crackle' effect on the armour gives a real nice, understated impressing of decay.

    Nicely done.

    1. Yes, it worked quite well, and was super easy!