Monday, 21 March 2016

Armies on Parade 2015 part VII: Imperial Knight

It has been more than a month since the last time i posted a unit from my Armies on Parade 2015 entry. But I still have a couple of units left. The first model i want to show you is the biggest model of the army, the Imperial Knight. 

This is probably the least converted model in the army. I only added a couple of additional details, and gave it a new pose. The paint job is however quite interesting. To make the model fit in with the rest of the army, I thought about painting it red. As this is the colour of the Space Marines. But I felt that this would make the Space Marines stand out less than I wanted. The tech priest of the army, The Reaper, is black, which would be a fitting colour. But black is quite hard to paint on large plates. Instead I decided to go with both colours. Using hair-spray weathering, I tried to make it look like the Knight was originally red, and painted black by its new owners. Through many years serving its new master, the black paint has started to peel off, showing the red underneath. The original Mechanicus symbol is also starting to show through the black on the Knights left shoulder plate.


  1. That's very impressive, and I don't just mean the model. That paint job is glorious, rugged and battle worn. Shiny new paint is fine but you can't beat a bit of realism.

    1. Agreed, I like miniatures with a bit of realism too!

  2. Fantastic model! Having seen the army at GW Oslo it's even better in real life :)