Sunday, 17 January 2016

Armies on Parade part III: The Reaper

This time I have a Tech-Priest to show you. I have called him The Reaper for obvious reasons. His tall skeleton-like figure, the long scythe looking axe and his skull makes him look like The Grim Reaper. The crow on his shoulder, and the undead gun-servitor also makes him look this way. The Reaper is one of my favourite models in the army.

The model is based on a FW Mechanicum Thallax Cohrt body, with a FW servo-skull as a head, Nurgle axe and bird, and terminator hand and shield. The servitor is a classic skeleton torso armed with with a plasma pistol and mechanicum parts.


  1. Quite an astounding model. I love the skull you used for its head, those FW ones are some of the best, incredibly grim, almost grinning with malevolence. Its small size and bleached color contrast well with the stark black of the rest of him.

    Also, I included your blog on Between the Bolter and Me's Best Blogs of 2015! Thanks for taking the time to share all of your fantastic models, they are truly an inspiration.

    1. Thanks a lot! The FW ones are the best indeed. I wish they sold them separately. But if they did, every model I own would probably have the same head.

      I really appreciate being included. More and more people are starting to discover my blog, even though I'm not very good at advertising. So thanks for that as well!

    2. I am glad more people are discovering your blog! I am sad I did not find it years ago. But it is never too late!