Sunday 23 April 2017

Magnus the Red conversion by Rebecca

Hello! I'm Rebecca.

Last time I posted here, I showed you my Armies on Parade entry. You can see it here

This time I'm showing the largest model i made for the Vortapt IV campaing. The model is based on Magnus the red. I didn't really care for the Magnus model, but saw it without armour on a painting tutorial. I think it's really cool that they have sculpted a torso under the armour plates. This is what I wanted to focus on when I made the model. This might look like a crazy conversion, but I haven't really done much more than removing the armour and swapping his arms and head. 

I tried a new painting technique on my Magnus. The flesh is done mostly with washes and glazes over a corax white primer. 


  1. Another strange looking miniature 😊, but I like him.
    The skin is amazing!

  2. Awesome model, its so nice to see something different you know. You guys have given me some serious food for thought

  3. Nice use of the miniature, even with the small changes you made it is a very different look. You painted all the skin with just washes? What colors did you use? It looks amazing

    1. I think she used GW flesh shade and blue glaze, concentrated in the recesses. Then she highlighted the muscles with Pallid Wych Flesh.