Sunday, 8 January 2017

The Miniatures of 2016

2016 has been my most productive year in the hobby. During the year I've converted and painted more interesting models than ever before. This blog, Instagram and Facebook have helped me with motivation to paint more miniatures. Thanks to everyone who follow and give feedback on my work. 


Tech-Priest Dominus

Daemonette Queen and Slaaneshi Brutes

The Mutant Herder


Blightking Terminators


Genestealer Cult for Nestorian Infestation

Genestealer Cult Beast


Massive Voodoo Mad Max challenge

Tzeentch models for Silver Tower

World Eater Praetor


Nestorian's Retinue for Nestorian Infestation

All the Nestorian Infestation miniatures done 2016


Creepy Spider Tech-Daemons

Mutants for Armies on Parade

Outgard: King Raavenkæld and his Retinue


Outgard: The Kings Champion

Outgard: Tankhouse


Pestigors of the Black Pox Warband on Vortapt IV

Thats it for 2016! I think the one I'm most pleased with is the Genestealer Cult Beast.What's your favourite miniature of the year?


  1. I personally cant chose. 2016 was the year I found this blog and I have to say Helge, it quickly became a favorite. Your a hobby hero, right up there with Migs, BBRS, Neil101, Jeff Vader, Nordic, Bane, PDH etc.

    /Tony Rask

    1. I'm really glad you think so! I take a lot of inspiration from the ones you mentioned, and think they are fantastic painters.

  2. What a year my friend! I am very impressed by your output.

    1. Cheers! I'm looking forward to the next time we do a project together. Outgard was fantastic!

  3. A very impressive output of miniatures Helge. You've really been busy!!

    Hard to pick a favourite model but the Nestorian infestation gang and your Outgard warband must be the top retinues. Keep 'em coming!

    1. Thank you! It has been a busy year indeed. I hope I'll have as much time for the hobby this year.

  4. I have to agree smith The Rambler - I too discovered your work this year & have been following your work with great interest!

    1. When I look at the blogs statistics, I think most people discovered my blog in 2016, and I steadily get more and more readers each month. This is a great motivation to keep working on my miniatures.

  5. Epic work! Very inspired and a I've enjoyed following your work. Keep it coming :)

  6. This is just a great overview, like most here I've been lucky enough to have followed your work since last year, so many great inspirational models. . .

    1. I hope there will be a few this year as well!

    2. Look forward to many more inspiring creative models. . .

  7. Fantastic work on such an amazing year! It's great to look back and see your progress on creative outlet and how you have twisted models into wonderful works of art.
    Congrats on all the work done and looking forward to the amazing things you will undoubtedly do for next year

  8. What an amazing collection of scratchbuild/converted models. With a top paintjob as a finish.
    It looks like it was a wonderful year.

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