Saturday, 21 January 2017

Black Pox part VI: Second Minotaur and Tech Abomination

I've put together two new models for the Nurgle Pestigor warband I'm working on for the VortaptIV project. 

Mikkel gave me one of the mutant bodies from the Chaos Warshrine, and I quickly decided to use it for another Minotaur. I've been wanting to convert one of these models for a long time, and finally got my hands on one. I really like the nasty looking fat stomach. 

The second model is  a Tech Abomination made by the Crimson Queen. When she finds beings beyond saving from the Black Pox, she tries to give them new life.
The model is based on a drawing by John Blanche.


  1. Love the minotaur. Where is his right hand from?
    The other creature is a completely insane design. Brilliant!

    1. Thanks!
      The right hand is from one of the Forge World Gal Vorbak Possessed Chaos Space Marines.

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  4. Love the branches on the minotaur. Very nice touch.


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