Wednesday, 16 November 2016

A game with Red Skullz and news from Nestorian Infstation and Outgard

It's been a while since I posten any of my own stuff on the blog. I haven't been able to do much modeling and painting since Armies on Parade, but I have a few news I'd like to share with you. 

The terrain I've been building for Nestorian Infestation is more or less finished. It has been on my shelf for several months. But I decided to paint a few details, and wash the board before Bigbossredskullz came to my place for a game last week. He has written two battlereports using his new set of rules, a mix of Age of Sigmar and Necromunda. You can read about it on his blog (LINK).

Originally we planned to play a game of Nestorian Infestation. But my Genestealer Cult is currently in England, being photographed for Blanschitsu! Instead we decided to have a classic game of an Inquisitorial warband vs Chaos. He used his fantastic Tzeentch warband, and I used Inquisitor Hannibal Rex and his retinue. 

At the moment I'm mainly focusing on the Outgard project. But when the new Genestealer Cult boxes came out, I couldn't resist putting together a few models. Here are two new characters for my prison themed Genestealer Cult:

As I mentiones earlier the Outgard project is my main focus at the moment. The game in Helsinki is just over two weeks away, and I still have a couple of models I have to finish before the event. First up is my tracked wytch hut. When I saw Ana Polanscak's finished chapel, on her blog Gardens of Hecate (LINK), I really wanted to do something similar. Even though I wanted to build a wooden house, I wanted to give it some 40k madness. I decided to make something like Kris Kuxi's Churchtanks, and started to build the house on top of an old Land Raider. 

I've also started to paint my Knight for the Outgard Warband. More on this guy will come soon!

I'll be back.


  1. The table is just so beautiful, who made it and how was the moss done?

    The Outgard stuff is so promising, can't wait!

    1. I made the terrain :)
      It's part of the Nestorian Infestation project I have with Bigbossredskullz. I'm planning to make a coupe mote tiles before our game in January.

      The moss was done with wood glue and static grass. Mixing the grass and glue makes a much thicker effect than just applying one layer of grass over glue. The whole board was painted Death World Forrest, followed by a wash of Sepia and Orange shades from GW.

      I started painting the hut today!

  2. How did you make the second Genestealer's chainsaw?

  3. The chainsaw is based on a Solar Auxilia flamer, with a blade from a FW Mechanicum model