Friday, 17 August 2018

LEGEN: The Unnamed Knight and her Retinue

Time for another Legen-post. This time I'll show you my Knight and her Retinue. I've been playing some Dark Souls III recently and really wanted to create an anonymous dark looking knight. 

The Unnamed Knight

The Unnamed knight was based on a Forge World Death Korps of Krieg rider. This miniature is one of the best mounted characters GW/FW have ever produced. Both the horse and rider are very nicely proportioned, and really detailed. I removed all the 40k details, and swapped some of them for fantasy bits. The horse got a Skeleton Knight armour and a sculpted helmet. The Knights helmed came from Perry Miniatures. Perry Miniatures are a lot smaller than the regular GW miniature. But GW miniatures often have small heads, so it actually worked really well. The swords in the ground came from skeleton warriors. The blades are originally really thick, so I trimmed them down with a scalpel, and added rust texture with Typhus Corrosion. 

The Mage

The Mage was a really simple conversion. I only had to sculpt over the eye on top of his staff. The base miniature was a 40k Imperial Guard advisor, an Astropath I think. I love how tiny this guy is!

The Pikeman

The Pikeman was a quite simple conversion. I used a Bretonnia Men-at-Arms body, arms from Perry Miniatures: War of the Roses and a head from an Electro-Priest from the Mechanicus range. The head and body is a lot smaller than a regular GW human, so the small Perry Miniatures armes fit perfectly. 

The Archer

The Archer is a straight from the box Perry Miniatures: War of the Roses Infantry miniature. Her body is a lot narrower than the Men-at-Arms bodies. This makes her look like a woman when she stands beside the pikeman. 

The Swords of the Fallen

The Swords of the Fallen is a spellmarker I made for my Mage. He can make swords of fallen heroes fall from the skies and smite his enemies. In the end of the game, this spell took out the Giant leader, Nerod. 


  1. Great conversions as ever, and the paint scheme ties them together well. I particularly like the armour on the knight. Where did the big fallen head come from, by the way?

    1. It's based on a sleeping Angel used for decorations. I altered some of it's features as it looked a bit weird.

  2. Absolutely brilliant conversions and painting... great work. Though I think the "pikeman" is actually armed with a bill (a polearm) not a pike! :)

    1. Cheers!

      Yes, that might be right. I'm not really sure about the difference between a pike, bill or halberd. But I think they're all different looking polearms :)