Wednesday, 8 August 2018

LEGEN: The Giants

Hello Hello!

Time for another post. It's actually way overdue with another post, as the last one was over two months ago. I'll try to post updates a bit more frequently during the Autumn. But if you still miss some WilhelMiniatures in your life, you should check out my Instagram, as I update it with finished projects and WIPs quite often.

Legen is a project by Ana Polanscak on the Gardens of Hecate blog. It's an AoS28 setting where a horde of giants is attacking a village. A group of Knights from all around the world have come to defend the village and take down the giants.

In this first Legen post, I'll show you the first two giants I made for the event, Rolfish and Droggen.

 Making the Giants

I wanted to make some unique giants for this project. So instead of using the classic GW giant as a base, I went looking for other base-miniatures.

The first giant, Rolfish, was based on a Skaven Verminlord. The head and feet are from a giant. 

The second giant, Droggen, is based on a Bullgor. Personally I think the Bullgors are one of the worst miniatures GW have ever produced. But since I had one lying around, I thought I might as well use it for something. I had to put a lot of work into this guy. I had to make the torso and legs a lot longer. I also covered most of the miniature with greenstuff, as I had some huge gaps and details to fill. 
In the end I think it turned out ok!

When I was done sculpting, the miniatures back looked really weird, so i decided to cover it up with something. I ended up using real fabric to make his vest. I made it with an old T-shirt and watered down wood glue/white glue. The stitches were done with wire. 


  1. Great work, dude. The Verminlord is an inspired choice for a base model, and you're right, that Bullgor model is pretty garbage but you did a good job with it! One of my favourite things about the Legen game was the sheer variety of giants and the creativity that went into making them from all the players.

    I'm currently dipping my toes into proper green stuff sculpting for the first time, and it's great seeing these kind of work in progress photos to see what kinds of shapes and textures you and others are working with.

    1. Cheers!

      I'm actually working on my sculpting skills at the moment. I'm trying to makle a small fully sculpted warband. I'll share some WIPs here and on Instagram.

      I agree, it's really nice to see other peoples sculpting in progress.

  2. Both you and Ana are seriously talented artists. I am always in awe when I visit her blog and your own creations are just as impressive.

    (I too hate those Bulgors. Not as much as GW zombies though - those get the award for flippin worst sculpts in my mind)