Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Beastman of Nurgle

In this post I wanted to show you this old metal Nurgle Beastman I painted a long time ago. This miniature, futures my first attempt at NMM (no metal metallics). The axe is not too great, but I actually like its chain mail. The skin tone is what I like best. Sadly I can't remember which colours I used. 

The model has been laying in a box for many years, until I found it a couple of weeks ago. The first thing I noticed, was how poor the models base looked. It was just a flat base with a thin layer of sand. I decided that the model was too good for it's base, and gave it a display-plinth that I'm quite happy with. The base was done in the same style as the Great Unclean One's that I have showed you earlier in the blog.