Friday, 15 August 2014

Armies on Parade, part II

Here is a quick update on my Armies on Parade project. The ground and building is pretty much ready for priming. I used a mix of earth and sand to give the ground texture. It was done with several thick layers of wood glue/ PVA glue, earth and sand. Details like cork (to represent cracked pieces of asphalt), oil drums, dead Space Marines and wall-pices from the building, was pressed into the still wet mix. Together with a couple of craters, carved directly into the ground, this gave the project the ruined city look I was looking for.

My favourite part of the ruined city so far, is the Carnifex I converted to be crashing through one of the Shrine of the Aquilla's walls. Sorry about the bad picture quality. I will post some better photos tomorrow. 

Thanks for looking!