Saturday, 16 August 2014

Armies om Parade, Part III

I've started to paint the ground and the Shrine of the Aquila. I wanted the ground in the same colour as my Tyranid bases, so I did it in the exact same way.  After basing the whole pice in Chaos Black spray, I painted the ground Mecanicus Standard Grey. It was then washed with a heavy shade of Nuln Oil. I used three paint cans to achieve this. After drying for a couple of hours (I probably should have waited a bit longer, there was still some wet shade in the deepest recesses), I gave everything a drybrush of Longbeard Grey.

The Shrine was painted to look worn by the battle raging around it, so i wanted it to look as though the paint was pealing off the walls. This was achieved by first painting the building in patches of dark browns and black, to give a rusty metal look. I then sponged masking fluid on the spots where i wanted to peel off the paint (I couldn't find a masking fluid that actually worked, so I actually used a hair wax of a medium thickness). The building was sprayed Skull White, and the masking fluid removed with a war brush. A couple of glazes Seraphim Sepia was used to give the walls a more aged look.

Some better pictures of the converted carnifex vs. wall:

A small duel between an Inquisitor henchmen and a Hormagaunt, that will be placed on the board. 

 Two new arco evisorators that will be a part of the small Inquisitor warband fighting the Tyranids. These models are based on Kari Hernesniemi's models on:

More updates soon.