Thursday 1 May 2014

The Fang

The scandinavian painting competition, The Fang, is coming up. So I though it war time to post some pictures of my entries. The first is a World Eater, standing victoriously on top of a dead Hive Tyrant. The World Eater is basted on Games Workshop's Kahrn the Betrayer. I don't really care for the Khorn Berzerker crests (or the bunny ears), so i gave him a modified roman crest from the new Space Marine Stenguard Veteran Squad. I built the Hive Tyrant from the leftover bits from my Swormlord, and a Carnifex torso.

I will be painting the World Eater in a deep red, with a bone white helmet, to represent a Chaos Space Marine of the Skulltakers. I still don't know what colours I will use for the Hive Tyrant. But I think green would be nice, to give it a strong contrast to the red.

My 2nd entry will be a Great Unclean One for the monster category.

My latest Ebay order arrived earlier today. It is some Forge World bits for my World Eater command squad, and Biohazard Helmets from Maxmini that will be used for a squad of Plague Marines. 


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