Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Risi Vortapt, part III: The Warlord Titan

Hello all!

I finished the centrepiece for my Nurgle Titanicus Legion just before Christmas; the Warlord Titan. I have another Warlord and a Reaver Titan that I still don't know what to do with. What do you think? Should I make more Nurgle miniatures, or should I try making something for another Chaos God/Legion? I think it would be cool with a Reaver for the Nurgle Legion, but another Warlord might be a bit much.
When I did the advent calendar on Instagram last year, I noticed that my Slaanesh miniatures were quite popular. Maybe I should try making a Slaanesh Warlord Titan?

I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything here for a while. I find it a lot quicker and easier to post pictures on Instagram from my phone, than writing blog-posts from my laptop. I will of course continue posting here. But I think the posts here will mainly be finished projects, like this, or tutorials and such. If you would like to keep up with WIPs of my current projects, I recommend checking out my Instagram.


  1. I'll stick with the blog. I like its slowness, and don't care for instant updates on things as they happen. Instagram is distracting, I've chucked it. Just like I turned off almost all facebook notifcations.

  2. Spectactular work! Very very good!

  3. The group looks amazing together!

    I understand your statement about Instagram vs Blogging, I've been stuck with the same predicament.

    It just tends to be easier to make quick updates on Instagram, I have several half written posts for my blog that have been sat there for some time waiting for me to finish them off and post.

  4. Instagram is useful tool, just gave it a try: surely quick and easy.
    Too bad this and Facebook are slowly (or mayby quite fast...) strangling blogger.
    Which is sad: blogger users used to read what the writer had to tell, now it's just starring at pictures.

    My opinion and point of view that is.

    Sorry for grumping.

  5. He looks MAGNIFICENT with that ship on top - it instantly shows the sheer scale of the machine, its age and the overall feel of the whole setting - awesome idea and great execution!

    Slaanesh Warlord Titan sounds interesting, you could certainly do that.