Monday, 19 February 2018

Nurgle Giant

I finished this Nurgle Giant last week! It has been on my desk half painted for six months, so it was really nice to finally finish it. 

The conversion was quite simple. It's based on a GW Giant (or Aleguzzler Gargant as they are currently called). I sculpted the tentacles and helmet in Greenstuff. The tires on it's shoulders are rubber tires from a toy car. This conversion was very much inspired by the large mutants in the video game RAGE.

I painted this beast like I've painted the rest of my newer Nurgle miniatures; glazes over a white undercoat. On this one I used mostly fleshshade, crimson and orange washes. 


  1. I love how uncomplicated this guy is, if you get my meaning. The spikes and barbed wire combo is a very effective aesthetic, it's got a real body horror vibe, very subtle and unsettling.

    I've not played Rage but a quick google and I see exactly what you're talking about. I'm always a bit worried about borrowing too heavily from 3rd-party sources, but this project gives me confidence to steal more ideas ;)!

    I keep being surprised by how well the 'glazes over white' thing works. You've used it to great effect here. I'll have to give it a go myself sometime.

    1. Thanks a lot!

      You really should give it a go, it's a very fun way to paint.

  2. Very nice sculpting! The helmet and the low-key paint scheme makes quite a cartoony model look much more menacing. The car tyres are a great addition.

  3. Awesome work, looks very gribbly!

  4. Looks like a post-apoc-rad-zone-mutant monstrosity. Fantastic vision on this one.