Friday 10 November 2017

Armies on Parade 2017: AoS Tzeentch

This year I entered Armies on Parade AoS with my Tzeentch warband. The miniatures are mostly the ones I painted from the Silver Tower boz last year. The only new miniature I painted was a Lord of Change. I really like making terrain, and I'm extremely happy with this display-board.

It's nearly impossible to photograph a display board, but I did my best. This one will probably work best as a backdrop for future miniatures when I take it back home. 

Making the board

I used a silicone mould with two different sized faces to make the daemonic faces. 

The base is a 50 x 50 cm MDF board. I used polystyrene and expanding foam to make the mountain. 

The texture was a mix of wood glue, short pieces of yarn and black paint. I pushed the faces into the wet texture mix.

Dinosaurs and more texture.

More texture and faces.

I primed the board Chaos Black.

I sprayed brown followed by Mephiston Red over the faces, trying to leave the darker colours in the shadows.

I used cheap thick acrylic paints on the ground and between the faces. I tried the best I could to match GWs Death World Forrest which I've used on the miniatures bases.

I shaded the faces with sepia shade, and highlighted them with a light drybrush of Mephiston Red. The eyes where painted black, with white rings in the sentre.


  1. That's a suitably creepy hellscape you've created for your daemons. I like it!

  2. Stunning work, it looks really disturbing!

  3. Amazing, it is one of that kind of ideas you'd like to have when you see it realized.

    1. Cheers! Yes, it turned out just like I pictured it.

  4. That's a real chaos hellscape you made there. Amazing!

  5. BAM! That's so amazing! It's waving over me right now! The roots of a tree growing on buried nightmares and fear. Like human consciousness, mankind, the imperium...
    That's beyond AoP man. Big, big applause from here!

  6. That display base is seriously disturbing! But boy does it fit well with the idea of a demon infested world. Cracking job!

  7. That board is truly awesome, thanks a lot for sharing how you built it. :)

  8. Can't believe noone said this but... that REALLY looks like the landscape in the end of the first season of Berzerk. Awesome job!