Monday 23 October 2017

Tor Megiddo, part VIII, Fast Attack

I finished a lot of my miniatures for Tor Megiddo the days before I left for the game in Helsinki. So I didn't have time to photograph all of them before I left. You've probably seen some of them on pictures from the game on other blogs. But now it's time  for some detailed pictures of my group. I have too many pictures to throw into one post, so I'll spread them out a bit. This post will show the vehicles in my warband; the Bikers and the Tank. 

The Bikers are based on a Space Marine Bike and a Chaos SM Bike. I used a lot of crazy bits on these conversions, including a Gorkamorka Mutant head and Robute Gullimans backpack. 

The Tank was the craziest conversion I did for Tor Megiddo. It's based on on one of the new Space Dwarves flying boats turned upside down, put on top of a Rhino.