Sunday 21 August 2016

World Eaters Legion Praetor

A couple of weeks ago I posted some pictures of the limited edition Legion Praetor for my World Eaters. I finished painting the model right after, but forgot to post the finished model here until now.

The conversion was quite simple. I swapped the original head, which I think looks really silly, with the scarred Empire Flagellant head. I also replaced the sword blade with a FW World Eaters Meteor Hammer from the Rampager kit.

to make this model stand out from the rest of the army, I painted it in a new colour scheme. I chose the colours from one of the newer FW books. in this book some World Eaters, like Red Butchers and veterans, have painted their armour red. This is a step closer to what they will look like in 40k, which I find fitting to my army, since I sometimes use them with the Khorne Daemonkin: codex.

Yesterday when I took these pictures I also tried to make some short videos of this model, and many others in a 360 degree view! It turned out pretty good, but I haven't found an easy way to get them on my blog. They are however on my Instagram! Follow this link to see some cool 360 degree videos of my miniatrues!

This is the picture I found on Google from one of the Forge World Books. I think I will paint more World Eaters in this colour. It really gives the army some much needed variation, and it was a fun colour scheme to paint.  


  1. Brilliant painting - the weathering is so impressive. The stance, face, everything is top-notch with this miniature!

  2. I love the conversion! The face looks fantasticly gaunt and worn inside all that armor. The extra red offsets nicely against the white armor.

  3. This guy is a weapon! Nice little conversion bits and a great paint job man, well done.

    Best opportunity for a Meteor Hammer style weapon too as it always ends up being the Paragon Blade with the Tribune.

  4. Hello!, i like you paint!
    I want to paint my space marine(loyal) same paint scheme (this is be so unback World Eaters of Emperor=DDDDDD)!Whant to know you have some guid for that????How you paint so nice dirt white and metal parts?(or just tell me how paint you use if it no secret?!). i have bad with nice dirty armor i always paint very clean like for Eldar miniatures XDXDXD
    p.s sorry for bad english thi is not my first ;)