Friday 1 May 2015

Inquisitorial Beast WIP

I just finished converting and priming my main entry for the Scandinavian painting competition, The Fang. The project started out as a Bloodthirter, but ended up as some crazy inquisitorial weapon project. I'm especially happy with the "driver" hanging on from the monsters back. The idea being an imperial psyker controlling the beast and driving it in the right direction. 

The painting competition is the 30th of may, so you can expect updates soon. 

Thanks for looking.


  1. Ahahahaa! When you said you wanted an Arco-Flagellant, I didn't expect you to go so big!

    Excellent conversion though, and I think it is the first conversion of the new Bloodthirster kit I have seen so far (at least the first conversion into something that wasn't just another Bloodthirster). I am intrigued by the head, how did you do that?

    Another comment, if I may be so bold, I have found that with heads, it almost always looks better to have it slightly angled into a direction, than to be perfectly straight. It just looks more natural to me, and often reinforces the pose of the rest of the body...

    1. Thanks a lot! The head is actually a cast of a Joker statue, from the "Batman: Arkham Origins" Xbox game. I made a mould out of blue-stuff, and casted the face in green-stuff. The mask, covering the top half of his head is sculpted in green-stuff, with some bolts randomly glued on, to look as if the mask is screwed directly into the models head.

      I don't think I'm going to change the position of his head. I do agree, though, that the model could possibly look better if he looked a bit more to his right. Sadly I'm too lazy and have too little time to change it now.

      I'll have it in mind next time!

    2. I also wouldn't change a perfectly fine finished model.

      So the Joker it is. Certainly explains the grin.