Monday, 30 March 2015

Uruk Hai Warband for Battle Companies

It's been a little while since my last post. But I've done a lot of painting in the last couple of days, so I have a lot to show you. The first thing I want to share with you, is my Uruk Hai warband for a game of Lotr Battle Companies. This game will go on for a couple of months. I'll convert upgrades and wounds on my heroes as they appear in the game. I've never painted a Lord of the Rings miniature before, because I think the models are too small. I'm a bigger fan of the cartoon-like proportions you find on space marines. The plastic Uruk Hai Scouts lack a lot of details, and I don't like their faces. I decided to do some green-stuffing on the ones I liked the best. This made them look a bit more like Chaos Cultists than Lotr Uruk Hai. But I'm still happy with how they turned out. Here are my warband in all its glory:

 Lastly a WIP picture of the warband pre-painting.

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  1. Hello there! Love the models, might I ask how did you do the wasted armor effect? The chipping I mean