Friday 25 April 2014

World Eater Imperial Knight

The Imperial Knight is the best model Games Workshop have made in a while. I really enjoyed working on it. The Knight is one of the biggest models I've ever painted which made it a challenge. It has a lot of large flat arias which are perfect for adding battle damage. To show its alliance to my Heresy Era World Eaters, I painted the Knight in the colours and gave it the heraldry of the legion. I also enjoyed trying out some freehand on the shoulder plates and shield. The shield didn't turn out as I hoped, so i replaced it with another heavy stubber. This convert was easy, but the result was great. The knight got a meaner look with two stubbers rather than a shield that looked a bit out of place. The Knights left leg was also converted to give it a more dynamic pose. All in all I'm happy with the result. 

To tie the Knight even more to my World Eaters, I decorated its base with a dead legionnaire.


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