Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Armies on Parade part IV: The Human Soldiers

The forces of the Mechanicum and Space Marines rarely fights alone. They are always followed by human soldiers, mercenaries, assassins and other lesser warriors. My army should include a lot more human sized soldier than it does. But I was too busy making all the warmachines, Space Marines and Inquisitorsto do this. So I only made a couple. The first human squad I made was the Electro Priests. These models was photographed a while ago, and I posted them before the competition. You can check them out here

I also made some regular Imperial Guard, made by Empire and Mechanicus models. 

My assassin was painted in a quite special way. I wanted it to have a classic shiny latex look. I started by building up the layer in different reads to get a rich red colour. To get the shine, I highlighted the model with gloss varnish. To get this effect it's important to not paint the entire latex area, but only cover the highlighted areas. 

Lastly I have one of my Inquisitors. I like the conversion, but I'm not too happy with the painted resolute. I think its because I finished this guy last, and painted it until five in the morning on the day of the competition. I feel there is something missing, but I'm not sure what. I do however like the base. The white thing on the models base is actually a dead bug, that I found dried up in my windowsill. 


  1. I love that. . . . found a dead bug on the window sill and decided to use it for some basing. Absolute class!

  2. This is simply amazing stuff!

    There´s something quintessentially Blanchean about those imperial troopers and their gas masked leader. Lovely.

  3. The troopers are excellent, especially the guy with the sword and gas mask. The assassin is also lovely, well you know, "lovely" in that particular Blanchian way, and the idea with the selective use of glass varnish to emulate the look of latex is pretty damn brilliant. As for the Inquisitor, I have the same feeling about him "missing something", and I think it might have something to do with the fact that his entirely non-human looking helmet makes it kind of difficult to relate with him as a character -- and yet, a true character is what every Inquisitor needs to be the most. Anyway, just my two cents.

    As always, keep up the excellent work! :)

    1. I think you might be right. An Inquisitor needs more character than him, so maybe he'll be something else. A crusader or something.

      Thanks for the compliments!

  4. True art, fitting perfectly into the Gothic, rather strange Blanchian vision of 40K, the fusion of Mediaeval and Mechanical. You should be very proud of these. The assassin fits into so many Blanche paintings.

  5. Great conversions and paintjob, those are some creepy fellows. The medieval helmets look awesome, where are they from?