Monday, 16 January 2017

Black Pox part IV: A closer look at the finished Pestigors from 2016

I just relized I forgot to post individual pictures of the Pestigors I finished last year. Here are the pictures from my Instagram! Check it out if you'd like to see some WIPs not shared on the blog. I usually share a couple of quick updates a week on my Instagram. I'm currently working on a few ex Teck Priests allied with the pestigors, but more on that soon.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

The Miniatures of 2016

2016 has been my most productive year in the hobby. During the year I've converted and painted more interesting models than ever before. This blog, Instagram and Facebook have helped me with motivation to paint more miniatures. Thanks to everyone who follow and give feedback on my work. 


Tech-Priest Dominus

Daemonette Queen and Slaaneshi Brutes

The Mutant Herder


Blightking Terminators


Genestealer Cult for Nestorian Infestation

Genestealer Cult Beast


Massive Voodoo Mad Max challenge

Tzeentch models for Silver Tower

World Eater Praetor


Nestorian's Retinue for Nestorian Infestation

All the Nestorian Infestation miniatures done 2016


Creepy Spider Tech-Daemons

Mutants for Armies on Parade

Outgard: King Raavenkæld and his Retinue


Outgard: The Kings Champion

Outgard: Tankhouse


Pestigors of the Black Pox Warband on Vortapt IV

Thats it for 2016! I think the one I'm most pleased with is the Genestealer Cult Beast.What's your favourite miniature of the year?

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Merry Cristmas

I'm currently on holiday and haven't had time for much blogging. I do however have a quick christmas update:

A Santa statue I painted last year and Nurgle models make the best Christmas decorations. 

I'm steadily expanding the Pestigor warband. Here's the groups biggest member yet, a Minotaur.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016


The game of Outgard was in Helsinki last weekend, and it was amazing! It was great meeting new interesting people, drinking beer and looking at fantastic miniatures. We played two games, a smaller one on one game and a huge game with all four players and every model. Check out our Outgard topic on the Ammobunker (link), and the Inq28 painting and modelling page on Facebook, for some battle reports. 

After the game I set the buildings up as a little photo setup, to get some pictures of the warbands. Click the pictures for larger versions.

The first warband belongs to Alexander Lunde. He also made a Wytch and an awesome flying island. 

The next Warband belongs to Eirik Blomman Blomqvist:

Alexander Windberg was the host for the event, and made all the fantastic terrain you can see in the background of all pictures along with his warband. 

Johan Egerkrans (from the blog Convertorum) sadly couldn't make it to the game, but sent these great miniatures to Helsinki. 

Lastly we have my own warband: