Monday 8 February 2016

Armies on Parade 2015 part VI: Lord Inquisitor Hannibal Rex and Retinue

Two of my favourite models are the two versions of Lord Inquisitor Hannibal Rex. I originally made the Inquisitor on walking throne nearly two years ago, but did some changes, and re-painted his base like the rest of the army. 
I was so happy with this model, that I decided to make another version of the same character. Since the Inquisitor has lost his legs, I gave him mechanical legs in the version on foot. Both versions of the model have been featured on this blog before, but now I have some better pictures of the updated models, with their retinues. 


  1. Bloody hell this is brilliant :)

    As far as my comments on B&C and 'bunker regarding getting a game in I'd love to talk more with you on that per email or even messenger. I don't know of anyone in Norway besides me and you that are this into the whole INQ28 / Blanchitsu so maybe we could make something special out of it when we first do get that game? :)

    1. Thank you!

      That sounds like a plan. I'm looking forwards to see some of your miniatures in real life!

  2. Damn thats cool. Great conversions and stunning painting dude

  3. Amazing. Rex on foot is a flippin´masterpiece.