Saturday 20 December 2014

Chaos Lord

This is the leader of my Nurgle war-band, a Chaos Lord/ Sorcerer. It's based on FW's Gal Vorbak. the model is huge. The same height as a Primarch. 

The only convert done on this model, was a simple arm-switch. I gave him the arms, and scythe from one of the Maggoth Lords. The flies was added the same way as on the Plague Marines. 

Wednesday 10 December 2014

Plague Marines

A couple of years ago I painted a small Death Guard force. But after painting them, I wasn't satisfied with the way the colour turned out. They where too white (they looked a bit like my World Eaters). 

But, a month ago, I dug them out of their box, and looked at them again. Trying to figure out how to fix them. 

I ended up glazing the whole models in Sephirim Sephia, and painting rust on the metallics. Some touch ups here and there, and they ended up looking completely different. I also added some John Blanche inspired shields on their shoulders. And also added a couple of flies, cut from the Maggoth Lord kit. 

Here are my first finished squad of Plague Marines. More will follow.

Thursday 4 December 2014

Finished Spined Beast Of Nurgle

Yesterday I did The finishing touches on my Spined Beast Of Nurgle, based on GW's Maggith Lord. It was the last pice on my small Nurgle Force to enter in the Blog Les Kouzes painting competition; We Are Legion. Witch can be found here:

I will post pictures of the whole warband soon. But until then, here are a couple of pictures of my Nurgle Beastie.

All the parts used for this project comes from the Maggoth Lord kit, except for his chainsaw-killa-kan-thingies I used as its primary claws. The Maggoth-kit was an amazing kit with a lot of spare Nurgle parts that can be used to spice up any Chaos themed army. You will probably recognise a lot of these bits on my future conversions.