Monday 29 February 2016

Slaaneshi Brute

I finished painting another Slaaneshi Brute for my Daemon/mutant warband. This one was done in the same way as the others (that you can check out here). I gave this newest member a sword and a blood pack from the Wracks kit, which makes it the most crazy looking one so far. 
Like the other ones the mutant is based on a bloodletter, with a face and left arms from a goblin from the GW Hobbit range. 

Sunday 28 February 2016

WIP: Blightkings Terminators

I've got a quick update today. I just started to paint the Blightkings Terminators I converted some weeks ago. There's also a painting competition this weekend at GW Oslo, so the plan is to finish these before then. I'll write about how the models are painted when I post the finished ones. 

Thursday 25 February 2016

WIP: Space Wolves Wulfen

I've never made any Space Wolves before. The reason is that I never really liked them, the GW versions at least. There are some cool ideas and artwork of the Space Wolves, especially from the Horus Heresy, but the models really don't do them justice. They are supposed to be based on vikings, which could have been really cool, if GW did it right. Instead they made baby blue armoured Space Marines with ridiculous hair-styles and fangs. And then there are the new Wulfen, who are basically space werewolves, which I find quite tacky. 

The idea behind the Wulfen is however quite interesting. They are a company of the original legion traveling through the Warp and raiding daemon-worlds for 10.000 years, until they suddenly broke through the warp and came back. In my opinion the werewolf part should just be their reputation and how they are described in horrific tales by the survivors who have encountered the Wulfen. But in truth they are not much different from other creatures exposed to the warp for too long, like chaos mutants or possessed. The only real differences are the fact that the Wulfen are good guys(ish) and vikings. 

When the Wulfen came out, I started converting a small warband of my own version of them. I based them on FW Gal Vorback, but gave them new weapon-arms and human heads. I'm quite pleased with the green-stuff beards. I still have some work left, but like where this is going. 

Sunday 21 February 2016

WIP: Emperors Children Warband

A couple of months ago, I converted a Slaaneshi Chaos Lord from the remains of Fulgrim and a Genestealer. Since last time I showed him, I've finished the green-stuffing on the model. I've also started to create a warband for the Lord. I'm thinking a similar colour-sheme and basing as my Daemon Fulgrim and his squad of fallen Emperors Children: Link. Maybe they'll end up being an army some day.

My Slaaneshi Lord from last year, with some cables and green-stuff added. 

No Slaaneshi warband is complete without some Noise Marines, so I started converting a squad. I based the models on a FW EC Kakaphoni squad. These models are extremely detailed, and look amazing. But their weapons are stupidly oversized, even for 40k standards. I decided to give them classic sonic blasters instead, and use the FW ones on bigger models (like the Lord and Contemptor).

I've had these Phoenix Guard Terminators for ages, but wasn't happy with the way I had started to build and paint them. When working on the Noise Marines, I found them lying in a box, and started to rebuild them in a more post-heresy fashion.

I'm not yet sure what this model is supposed to be, but I like the way the conversion is going. Still have some work left to do on this guy. 

Lastly I made a Contemptor Dreadnought for the warband. I used two spare FW sonic blasters to create a fitting weapon, and a Screamer of Tzeentch tail as a Slaanesi close combat weapon.

Monday 15 February 2016


I've had this plaguebearer laying untouched on my desk for several months. The only thing left to do, was some touch-ups on the skin and a base, which I finally got around to do. I wasn't too happy with the skin at first. But after applying sepia and purple glazes on different parts of the body, it started looking more alive (or dead). I have several other half finished models laying around, and hope I get around to finish more of them in between larger projects. It feels good to finish a model that has been annoyingly taking up space on my desk for a long time. 

Wednesday 10 February 2016

WIP: Bloodthirsters

When the plastic Bloodthirster came out, I didn't really like it. I thought the weapons was too big, the wings had some weird looking chaos symbol scars on them, and they had too many oversized horns. I did however buy one, to give myself a conversion challenge. The Khorne: Daemonkin Codex had just come out, and I needed a Bloodthirster for my army, and started to convert it. I failed, and the resolute became far from a Bloodthirster. I ended up creating "The Beast", one of the models I entered in The Fang 2015. Even though I didn't make a Bloodthirster, the Beast turned out quite good. 

I didn't think much more of it, until Skarbrand (the named Bloodthirster) came out, and I wanted to try again. This time I managed to convert the model into a Bloodthirster that I like. I actually made two!
Since I don't like the wings, weapons or heads, the only thing I needed to create another BT out of the spare parts was a torso. 

I'm quite pleased with how they look so far, and think I managed to make two quite original Bloodthirsters without turning them into something else entirely (like the Beast). What I like most about them, are their heads. I used the heads from FW Hounds of Xaphan, and turned them upside down. The Bloodthisters are blind. The idea is that the wholes that kind of look like eyes are nostrils or ears. I hope they will look less like eyes when painted. 

As mentioned, I'm not a fan of the original wings. I gave them creepy fairy wings instead, taken from Nurgle Plague Drones. 

Monday 8 February 2016

Armies on Parade 2015 part VI: Lord Inquisitor Hannibal Rex and Retinue

Two of my favourite models are the two versions of Lord Inquisitor Hannibal Rex. I originally made the Inquisitor on walking throne nearly two years ago, but did some changes, and re-painted his base like the rest of the army. 
I was so happy with this model, that I decided to make another version of the same character. Since the Inquisitor has lost his legs, I gave him mechanical legs in the version on foot. Both versions of the model have been featured on this blog before, but now I have some better pictures of the updated models, with their retinues. 

Thursday 4 February 2016

Armies on Parade 2015 part V: Cyberhounds

It's time for another unit from my Armies on Parade 2015 entry. This time i want to share my Cyberhounds and their Handler. Originally These models where made for my daemons, as Flesh Hounds. If I ever play a game using Daemons, I'll probably use them as such. But when I was building my second batch of hounds (the four painted beige), I put them beside one of my Mechanicus models and they looked great together. I then decided to use the hounds as some kind of dog servitor, with servo-skulls as heads. 

The Houds are based on GW Fantasy Chaos Warhounds and Tomb Kings horse skulls. I only had one Horse skull in my bitz box, so I made a quick instant-mould to cast the rest in green stuff.  Green-stuff dries softer than plastic, so I was able to cut off the lower jaw, and glue it back into place on some of the hounds, to make a couple with open mouths. If I make more hounds, I'll add some cables and other mechanical details to make them more 40k/mechanicum looking. 

The Handler is based on the Corpse Cart driver, with a FW servo skull and servo arms. 

When using them as chaos hounds, I decided to make a daemon leader for the squad instead of the Mechanicum Handler. I had a FW hound in my great box of bitz, and made it into a classic Cerberus conversion. The model is still WIP, so I'll add some more 40k details and cut the cables.